How to Glue Copper

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How to Glue Copper

Copper is a soft metal that people use for a variety of different electrical, plumbing, and jewellery applications. In any of these situations, it may be necessary to glue copper to surfaces such as wood and concrete or even more copper. Shoppers can find specially-formulated adhesives for gluing metal and copper. There are also other all-purpose adhesives that can serve this purpose as well, though companies might not specifically market them as copper glues.


Selecting an Adhesive

The first step in gluing copper is selecting a suitable adhesive. The appropriate adhesive depends on the job at hand, and in some cases, glue may not even be the best-possible adhesive. For example, for those who are attempting to connect two pieces of copper wire for electronics purposes, conductive copper tape may be the best way to connect the two pieces. Explore some examples of different glues that can work with copper in different contexts.


Product Name



Liquid Nails




Any application requiring industrial-strength hold

Fastest cure when copper must connect to a porous surface



Super Glue Corporation

Joins copper pipes and tubes for plumbing

Patches and repairs

Works on other metals



Epoxy, acrylic, and silicone

Industrial applications


Eclectic Products


All-purpose adhesive

For use with metal, glass, and plastic

Appropriate for craft and jewellery applications


Crafters or do-it-yourself builders who want to glue copper to another material, be it fabric, another metal, brick, concrete, or wood, should first check the adhesive they want to buy to make sure it is compatible with materials other than copper. The above-listed adhesives are just a selection of a fairly large range of product offerings that are suitable for gluing copper.


Applying the Adhesive

Prior to actually putting glue on copper, users should make sure they know the exact materials they need. As with selecting an adhesive, detailed steps for applying the adhesive to copper vary depending on the necessary materials and the job in question.

Considering the Job

Detailed instructions for applying the glue appear on the product packet, and users should take special care to ensure they follow special instructions. Gluing in order to make bonds for plumbing purposes, for example, may require extra curing if there is any moisture in the copper pipes. Load-bearing or other gluing jobs that may be hazardous in some way, such as using glue to mount copper shelving fixtures to a wall, require careful research to ensure not only that copper is a suitably strong metal but also to ensure that the glue can bear the potential weight of the job. Industrial fastening adhesives may well be strong enough for this kind of job, but it may be inadvisable to attempt to use glue rather than nails to fix shelving to a wall unless a person plans to install those shelves permanently. Strong adhesives damage wall surfaces.

Assembling Materials

Once a person has the right product on hand and the right process in mind, he needs to assemble all the necessary materials. Rags and solvent to clean up potential spills may be necessary, in addition to application materials, such as a craft stick for spreading the glue.

Following Instructions

After these preparatory steps, the user should apply the glue according to exact package instructions, particularly any special steps that are necessary for a particular project. Rules like timeframe for curing are important, and glues with potentially dangerous or toxic fumes are only safe in a properly ventilated indoor space or outdoors.


How to Buy Glue for Copper on eBay

Shopping for glue for copper is a simple process on eBay. Looking under suitably specific categories like industrial, home and garden, and crafts can help narrow search results, making it easier for shoppers to find just what they are looking for. Some sellers may offer bundle deals to allow shoppers to use a single transaction to buy all of the necessary supplies they need to use adhesives. By following the proper steps, DIY enthusiasts can find the right glue to use in their copper projects.

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