How to Grind Coffee Beans at Home

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How to Grind Coffee Beans at Home

Coffee drinkers looking to save a bit of money, or who prefer a particular brand may find it useful to know how to grind coffee beans at home. Sometimes unground beans are significantly cheaper than ground ones and at other times it is only possible to find a particular brand unground. In either case, coffee drinkers can find a range of coffee beans to grind at home by looking on eBay. Before buying, consumers should know how to grind the beans so they know which ones to purchase.


How Fine to Grind

Before considering what method to grind the coffee beans, shoppers need to think about how they make the coffee, as this affects the amount of grind needed.


Type of Grind



Vacuum coffee makers, toddy makers, French presses, and percolators


Auto drip makers with flat bottom filters


Drip makers with cone shaped filters


Drip makers that have cone shaped filters and stove top espresso pots

Super Fine

Espresso machines


If coffee drinkers prefer multiple grinds, purchasing a grinder with multiple modes is a good idea. When grinding the coffee beans into different types of grounds, use storage containers to keep the grounds separate.


Using a Grinder

The easiest way to grind coffee beans at home is using a coffee grinder and many of these are readily available through sellers on eBay. Several types available are important to understand.

Burr Grinders

These coffee grinders pulverise coffee beans using their two burrs or plates. This allows users to grind coffee into a uniform size without generating heat. There are two types of burr grinders available.

Blade Grinders

Blade grinders are one of the most popular types available and they work via blades that move quickly. Although popular, blade grinders do not produce uniformly ground coffee because their blades chop violently and this can create an uneven flavour in the coffee. In addition, the blades create friction, causing them to heat up. Buyers can still get good results from this type of grinder by grinding the coffee beans immediately before using them. Simply store extra coffee beans.


Without Using a Grinder

If there is not a coffee grinder in the home, there are some additional options to grind coffee beans in your own kitchen. Most of these options use items readily found in any kitchen. These methods are very useful when travelling or if coffee is not a daily drink at home.


One of the most popular ways to grind coffee beans without a grinder on hand is to use a blender. Put the whole beans into the blender and then use the pulse setting to grind. Using this method, put small amounts in at a time to avoid clogging the blender or leaving chunks.

Mortar and Pestle

Not everyone has a mortar and pestle in their home, but if one is available, this works well. The only downside is that grinding the beans using these tools takes longer than some other methods. To make it easier, start with a small amount of beans and gradually add more.

Rolling Pin

To use this method, place the coffee beans in a sealed heavy-duty freezer bag. Then simply use a rolling pin, food can, or bottle to roll over the beans. Continue until they reach the desired grind.


A final option is to use a hammer. Prepare the coffee beans by placing them in a plastic bag as with the rolling pin, and then use the hammer or meat tenderiser to crush them. Keep in mind that this manner does not create a consistent grind.


How to Buy Coffee Beans on eBay

eBay is a great place to find a wide range of coffee beans to choose from, both ground and unground. Those looking to grind their beans at home can easily narrow down their choices by searching for a particular brand or looking for 'whole coffee beans.' You can also find bundles with both coffee beans and a coffee grinder to use at home. Once you know how to grind the coffee beans in your home kitchen, you are ready to find some and make your purchase.

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