How to Grow Red Russian Kale Seeds: Organic Home Gardening

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ORGANIC Red Russian Kale SEEDS

Red Russian Kale is a hardy grower with a long growing season. The Russian Kale plant has sweet blue/green leaves with purplish red veins. Eaten fresh in salads or steamed, in soups,  similar uses as spinach or salad greens. It has thick flesh & is an original Mexican variety.
Likes well drained soils in a sunny position. Plant seeds in Autumn or Winter (or Spring in southern states of Australia), in pots or straight into the garden. Cover with 5mm of Loose Soil.
Transplant seedlings into the garden at 5cm tall. Space seedlings about 40cm apart in rows or clumps. Plant out a few seedlings. I find the grubs like my kale so having an extra couple of plants works out well for everyone!

Buy Organic Red Russian Kale Seeds - Organically Grown using Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Grown without the use of Herbicides, Pesticides, Artificial Fertilisers. Packed Chemical Free.

Brassica oleraceae

Gardening has many benefits!
  • psychological, emotional and spiritual benefits.
  • improves children's self-esteem and emotional intelligence .
  • save money, receive a sense of personal satisfaction and enjoyment, share produce with others and feel self sufficient.
  • using water more wisely, improving access to fresh produce, increasing awareness about the importance of health and well being and strengthening community building skills.


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