How to Hang Canvas Prints on a Wall

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How to Hang Canvas Prints on a Wall

Users often hang unframed canvas prints on their walls to add a casual yet still elegant design element to their homes. An unframed piece of artwork stands on its own merit without the added aesthetic of a frame. This adds a modern and interesting aspect to the user's home. Hanging canvas prints requires extra time and effort. However, once they complete the work, users enjoy the final effect canvas prints add to their space.



Hanging canvas prints on the wall requires some specific supplies. Unlike pieces of art or pictures in traditional frames, users cannot use standard picture hanging wire with canvas prints. The screws and wire places too much tension on the canvas, which leads to distortion or tears. Necessary supplies include a pencil or painter's tape, a hammer or drill, nails, screws, eye-hooks, and a level.

Users often find it difficult to hang a print levelly without a second opinion. If this is the case, the user asks someone help him hang the canvas print. Also, if hanging a large or heavy print, he might require extra assistance lifting it into place.


Measure and Mark

First, figure out the best place to hang the canvas print. The placement depends on personal preference, the size of the wall in relation to the size of the print, and the décor of the room. Try several spots before settling on a location. Then, hold the canvas print against the wall. Mark the two top corners with a light but visible pencil mark. Alternately, place a piece of painter's tape on the wall to mark the top two corner's placement. The second method ensures no damage or lasting mark on the paint or wallpaper.



Next, measure the placement for framing eye hooks, using a tape measure to make sure they are evenly spaced. Then, screw a framing eye hook on the back of the right and left sides of the canvas framework. This internal framework is a canvas stretcher. The eye hooks go into the left and right side of the canvas stretcher. Place the canvas against the wall, lining it up against the upper corner marks. Use a pencil to lightly mark where the framing eye hooks touch the wall.



For large or heavy canvas prints, drill holes to accommodate drywall anchors. Screw in the drywall anchors, but wait to completely tighten them until certain the canvas is level. If the canvas print is small or lightweight, skip this step. Instead, simply hammer a nail or attach a screw on each lower mark.



Next, erase the upper corner lines using a soft eraser or remove the painter's tape. Finally, hang the canvas print on the wall. Line up the framing eye hooks with the nails or screws on the wall. Confirm the canvas print's position by stepping back and looking at it hanging on the wall. Alternately, set a carpenter's level along the top of the canvas print to ensure it is placed levelly.


How to Buy Supplies to Hang Canvas Prints on the Wall on eBay

Once you purchase or custom make a canvas print, turn to the reliable sellers on eBay for all the supplies you need to hang it. Start you search by typing your query into the search bar. For example, typing 'eye hooks' yields several results. You should be as specific as possible to help narrow the scope of the search results. Before purchasing your supplies, determine if your canvas print requires extra supplies such as drywall anchors or a drill. With the right supplies and a little extra time, you can add a modern and interesting design element to your home.

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