How to Host your Websites for Free

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If you own a website you will want to read my Guide on how to Host those websites for free.

First step is to sign up to a well recognised Web Hosting Provider.
You can find countless number of these on the internet.
The ones that I use and recommend to others are D9Hosting and HostGator. I am not affiliated with these in any way but having used them I can tell you that they are excellent and their plans start at a low $4.95 per month.
Once you have a Hosting Account you can move your website to this Host.
They will do this for you at no cost to you. Just email their Support and they will give you instructions on what you must do and any information you need to provide to them.

After your website has been moved, you will need to go to your Domain Name Registrar and change the Domain Nameserver details to that of the new hosting provider. The hosting provider will give you the new names and details of how to change these. Very simple.

After this, it's all done. Your website will be hosted on your new provider site and the Domain name will point to this site.

If you want to add more websites to this same account (if you chose a good Hosting Provider you can add unlimited websites to your account) then you will need to go into your first website's  cPanel (the website you just added as above) and you will see a section labeled 'Domains'.
Select 'Add-on Domains'. Here you can enter as many Domains Names (websites) as you wish.
When someone views these websites they will not know that they are sub-domains. All they will see is the higher level domain entry. 

Remember, transferring your websites to your own hosting site can be done for you for zero cost by your hosting support.
Having your own hosting lets you control your websites.
And it can be done very cheaply if you own a number of sites. After your first website, all others are free to host.

Just make sure the hosting provider allows for:
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Databases
At least 99% server uptime
Free Transfer service

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