How to Hot Comb Your Own Hair

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How to Hot Comb Your Own Hair

When one desires to go from curly or coarse hair to straight and silky, hot combs are a good option. For decades, hot combs have helped consumers achieve their desired styles. However, because of the high temperatures involved, those interested in using hot combs to straighten their hair must first understand the process and the options available to them before committing to a purchase.


Choosing a Hot Comb

Hot combs are a cost-effective way to straighten curly or coarse hair. Two main options exist for buyers looking to purchase a hot comb: electric and stovetop. Stovetop hot combs are heated on a kitchen stove or in a separately purchased heating stove, while electric hot combs simply plug into an electrical outlet. Electric hot combs allow for more control over the temperature and thus more control over the amount of heat to which the hair is exposed.

It is important to match the hair texture with the heat range of the hot comb. Higher temperatures are needed for coarser hair. This cuts back on the chances of damaged or burned locks. Also, depending on the hair texture, one should look at the spacing of the teeth on the comb to avoid tangles and achieve optimum straightening.



Before using a hot comb, it is essential to prepare the hair properly by washing, conditioning, and drying it. Hot combs should never be used on wet hair. Ways to protect the hair before combing include oils and heat protectants. It is important to ensure that the hair is thoroughly combed and free of tangles.

Part the Hair

Starting with the back of the head, divide the hair into small sections with a regular comb, about two-inches wide. Secure each section with a hair clip or pin. The smaller the section, the easier it is to straighten.

Test the Hot Comb

Once the hot comb is heated, press it to tissue or a paper towel. If it burns the tissue or towel, it is too hot. Let the comb cool off or press it to a damp towel.


Straightening the Hair

When the comb is the correct temperature, begin straightening the hair. Start in the back (at the neckline) and comb through the hair from the roots. Twist the appliance so that the back, rounded part of the hot comb glides across the hair and straightens it. After straightening one section, move on to the next section.

Reheating the Comb

If the comb is not electric, it must be reheated every few sections to keep the temperature high enough to adequately straighten the hair. Whether stove or electrical, the temperature of the comb must be constantly regulated for both the desired outcome and the safety of the user.

Add the Finishing Touches

After straightening the hair, seal the cuticles with a shine spray or hair serum. If hair cuticles are damaged or left to stick up, the hair may appear dry and rough. Hair serums keep the locks looking shiny and healthy. Sealed hair is healthy hair, and it is important to keep the hair healthy when applying heat on a regular basis.


How to Buy a Hot Comb on eBay

With the right tools and products, it is possible to safely straighten your hair with a hot comb at home. Sellers on eBay provide consumers with a wide array of hot combs and hair product options. Narrow your search by deciding if you want a stovetop or electrical hot comb first, and filter by other options such as weight, temperature, and curve. Make sure you are prepared with the right products for your hair, such as a heat protectant.

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