How to Identify Fake Nike Air Max

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How to Identify Fake Nike Air Max

Purchasing shoes online can be risky, but the problems are not limited to the possibility that the wrong size or style will be sent. There are unsavoury sellers that offer fake Nike Air Max shoes. Paying the same price for a fake pair of these shoes is not worth the expense, so it is important for buyers to be proactive about learning to spot the signs of a fake pair of Nike Air Max.


Steps for Identifying Fake Nike Air Max

While buying from reliable sellers on eBay is one sure way to avoid issues, buyers can take efforts to further protect themselves by reviewing the steps found below.

Examine Packaging

Receiving a pair of shoes that does not come in a Nike box is a telltale sign that they are not authentic. It is common for sellers of fake shoes to send them in bubble or shrink wrap. Sellers who want to do their best to convince buyers that they are buying an authentic Nike product may produce a fake Nike box. Boxes that are not sturdy or that are coming apart at the edges are probably not Nike boxes. Nike utilises high-quality boxes that are made to be sturdy and durable to protect the shoes that are placed within them.

Determine Shoe Condition

People who have owned Nike Air Max shoes in the past have the opportunity to compare their new shoes to the ones that they already own. If shoe condition varies greatly and the new shoes seem to be of a lesser quality, it is likely that these shoes are fake. The leather portions of the shoe should be soft and pliable to the touch. Fake shoes do not use real leather, so the shoe will feel stiff and may look lighter than the real ones.

Inferior manufacturing methods tend to be used with fake Nike Air Max shoes. This leaves behind dots around the middle portion of the bottom of the shoe. If shoes come with the lacing not properly placed through the lace holes, this is another condition-related indicator of a fake shoe.

Read Labels

An Australian Product Number (APN) should be found on the shoe and on the box. If these numbers do not match, the shoes may be fake. The label that is found on the tongue of the shoe can also indicate whether the shoe is real or fake. This label should properly reflect the design and manufacture date of the shoe. Research the dates associated with the latest Nike Air Max shoes to determine whether or not these dates are off.

Evaluate Fit

Nike Air Max shoes are designed to fit properly according to the size found on the label. If buyers are sure of their shoe size and feel that the shoes they have purchased are uncomfortable or ill-fitting, the shoes make be fake. Nike Air Max shoes are also made to provide cushioning for athletes, so wearers who feel that the shoes aren't providing enough support should be wary of their authenticity.

Examining Nike Logos

A Nike logo is stitched to the side of the shoe. If the trademark swoosh is missing or appears to have been hastily glued to the shoe, the shoes are likely to be fake. This logo should also be found in the material on the inside, where the heel is placed.


Reporting Fake Nike Air Max Shoes

Anyone who has received fake Nike Air Max shoes should first file a complaint with the seller. If the seller does not respond to the complaint, it may be necessary to report the individual for selling counterfeit products.



Buying shoes online can be a risky process, but buyers who are well informed about spotting fakes can purchase with confidence.

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