How to Identify a Fake Michael Kors Watch

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How can you tell if the Michael Kors watch that you are about to buy online is genuine? Follow these 4 simple steps to verify the authenticity of your purchase. Always ask the seller to use the youVerify app prior to purchase. It's Smarter Selling & Safer Shopping. 


Step 1: Warranty 
If the original watch paperwork is photographed please check that any model numbers match those featured on the caseback of the watch. Also check carefully for any errors in logos, spelling, spacing and dates. 

Step 2: Model Number 
A model number can be found on the case back of a Michael Kors watch. Check that it matches the model number found on any paperwork accompanying the watch. 


Step 3: Michael Kors Logo 
The Michael Kors logo is featured on the dial. Check that the font of the letters is consistent with the official brand logo, that the spacing is even, and that the quality of finish is high. There should be no signs of glue or gaps. 


Step 4: Download our App
We hope that this guide helps to educate you when identifying genuine Michael Kors watches. To prevent you from falling victim to counterfeit goods, always ask the seller to use the   youVerify app   prior to purchase. 

youVerify - Smarter Selling, Safer Shopping. 

Avoid Fakes when you shop online, in 3 easy steps...and it's free. 

1. Find the product you want to buy 
2. Message the seller asking them to Verify their product using the youVerify App. 
3. The seller sends you a youVerify Report which gives you the vital information you need to make a more informed purchasing decision. 

Visit and find out how our app can help you. 

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youVerify is a smartphone app that helps online sellers verify themselves and their products, which in turn allows online buyers to shop with more confidence - Smarter Selling, Safer Shopping.
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