How to Increase your Bench Press

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What's the first thing you ask a guy that works out? How much do you bench?!

This is the most common question in the gym. 90% of people get measured on strength based on how much they Bench. As we all know, it is the most popular excercise out there! How many people ask questions like, "How much can you lift on Decline Bench Fly's"? Not many!

Here is my secret to increasing your bench!

I was 17, and was stuck at 80kg bench for 6 reps for 4-6months. I pushed hard but never got any more. My motivation dropped. This did not help, infact, i dropped to 75kg's. I decided to try a few new things. The main thing was to add 2 sets to my bench press to focus more on power, with fewer reps. This is common with powerlifters, as it increases your strength by alot!

Instead of doing my normal 3 sets (12,10,8), i started was doin 6 sets (12,10,8,6,4,4). This way, i was building muscle and strength like no other! Within 4 weeks i increased my bench to 95kg!


Below are more tips to help increase your bench!


1 - Don't forget the Delts - ( After all, Delts play a major role in the Bench Press. By having stronger Delts your bench will increase )

2 - Always warm up! - ( Too many people just jump on the bench and get too sore to go heavy )

3 - Max Out! - (Push as hard as you can every time! If you want 8 reps and you get 8, go heavier the next time )

4 - Pyramid up - ( There is no point trying your max weight and doing it for 3 sets. You won't be able to do the same reps each set. If you can, you aren't lifting heavy enough )

5 - Eat more - ( Food plays a massive role in developing strength and size. Aim for 2 grams of protein per kilo.

6 - Supplementation - (Add a Creatine such as Cell Mass or Cell-Tech Hardcore as Creatine will help make you stronger than ever!)


I am now 18 and benching 110kg. So trust me guys, this works!


   We hope this helps you with your Bench!

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Sam, Hellas Nutrition

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