How to Install Bose Speakers

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How to Install Bose Speakers

Installing Bose speakers can be a nightmare without the right instructions. These things can be so techy with wires going in all sorts of directions. One should be cautious of what goes where and the specific guidelines to follow, because if this is not done right, the speakers will not operate correctly, if at all. Installing the Bose speakers do not have to be such a hassle.


Figure Out Where the Speakers Go

One should begin by first deciding whether they want to install on the ceiling, wall, or just a basic speaker set up. On-ceiling and on-wall speakers provide a surround sound superior to the floor speaker set up.


Safety First

Safety is always a big consideration when doing an install job. The use of a ladder is common when setting up speakers, especially when they are going to be set-up on the ceiling. Make sure to face the ladder when ascending or descending, and always have a hand on it. When drilling, make sure to understand what is behind the wall to avoid wires.


Find the Studs

After it has been decided where to put the speakers, it is time to find out where the studs are, and a stud-detector is what is going to be needed for the job. Most homes are suited with studs for anchoring screws. Once the studs have been located, mark the spot for later.



  • Start by reading the instructions on the speaker. This should give the exact information needed with the general guidelines to get started. Most speakers can be set up wherever one decides, but specialised speakers require certain locations.
  • Figure out where to set the speakers up so that they have the best sound quality. Typically, this is determined by the number of output slots the stereo has as well as the quality of the speaker. The best method is trial and error. If it does not sound right, move it around until satisfied. For most speakers, you can temporarily fasten it to the wall before permanently hosting it there. Use this method when testing the location of your speakers.
  • Consider the placement of the speakers relative to the seated audience. In general, the speaker should have equal spacing between all members of the audience. Make sure there are no objects obstructing the sound trajectory of the speakers.
  • Choose the right place to house the speakers. This can be cabinets, boards, and tables. This will make the job of concealing the wires easier, and give an organised, homely look to the set up. For ceiling speakers, install brackets on the wall for placement.
  • Connect the cables to the speakers. Make sure the plugs are going into the corresponding spots, usually indicated by + and – symbols. Sometimes they are colour coded, but make sure to connect the right slots.
  • The wires need to be taken care of. If the speakers are on the floor, run them behind a board or behind furniture or other objects. Alternatively, speakers can be taped or stapled to the walls.
  • Finally, connect the wires into the back of the stereo. It is time to enjoy the Bose speakers. Tune the speakers to the favoured settings to get the most out of the setup.


How to Buy Bose Speakers on eBay

Bose speakers can be found on eBay. The best way to find them is to do a general search in any of the search fields. Make sure the speakers are bought from a reputable seller with a good reputation. There are an assortment of speaker styles and functions, and they should all be browsed before making a final decision. Bose speaker mounts are sold separately in most cases and can help with the install for surround sound. Setting up Bose speakers is a simple procedure when following the guidelines.

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