How to Install Burton Custom Bindings

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How to Install Burton Custom Bindings

Burton custom bindings are available for all snowboarding skills levels. These bindings are an essential part of a snowboard setup and they are what attach the board and boots. These bindings differ a bit from other binding options because they use different screws to keep the bindings in place. This makes the installation process relatively quick and easy, and those doing the job can typically complete it in approximately 1 hour with the right tools and supplies.


Gather the Right Tools and Supplies

Gather the tools necessary to complete the job and find a flat surface to complete the work. Make sure there is adequate room to lie out all of the tools and to rotate the snowboard as necessary. Look at the area where the bindings go and make sure it is clean and free of all dirt and debris. It is important to have a Phillips screwdriver with number two and three attachments, appropriate bolts and screws, an adaptor plate, and a standard flathead screwdriver.

The screws necessary are specific to the bindings and without the right screws, the person doing the work is unable to properly mount and secure the bindings. It is important to ensure the right adaptor plate if mounting these to a snowboard other than Burton brand or the bindings will not fit properly. Make sure that all pieces are in good shape and that they match the skill level of the rider.


Position the Bindings Properly

The bindings must be in the right position for security and safe riding. Grab the right foot binding and the left foot binding and set them in their proper places by looking at the binding curves. Another way to ensure the proper position is to look at the outer side of the boot and make sure that the buckle is on the outer side.


Ensure the Proper Stance for the Bindings

The stance is unique to the rider and riders must determine if they want the left foot up front, which is the most common position, or if they want the right foot in front, which snowboarders refer to as the 'goofy' position. The dominant foot a person uses is the one they need to place up front. The stance width should be about shoulder-width apart, especially for newer riders. The stance angle ultimately depends on the snowboard, and there is no right or wrong angle. The most important thing to remember about the angle is that it must be comfortable for the rider.


Adjust the Straps and Secure the Adaptor Plate

Centre and place the toe straps at 45 degrees. Use a number two Phillips screwdriver to secure it into place after finding the proper placement. If someone is not using a Burton snowboard, he or she must put an adaptor plate in place. The adaptor goes into the footbed's centre circle.


Line Up and Mount the Bindings

Use the proper screw holes for the stance angle and stance width to line up the bindings. Make sure there is little overhang with the heel and toe of the snowboard boot. Place the bindings and make sure to check the stance prior to tightening them down. To ensure everything is in the right place, a quick test run is necessary. Just make sure to secure all parts prior to a test run to ensure optimal safety.


How to Buy the Right Tools and Supplies on eBay to Install Burton Custom Bindings

Burton custom bindings are unique, and very specific tools and supplies are necessary to get the job done. Those changing their pre-existing Burton bindings or installing them for the first time can find what they need on eBay. Start by searching for 'Burton custom bindings' to find the bindings and the associated hardware. To find a specific tool or part, search for 'adaptor plates' or 'screwdrivers' and ensure the proper sizes before purchase. Just make sure that all parts are skill-level specific and that the tools fit the nuts and bolts that secure the bindings in place.

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