How to Install Composite Decking

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How to Install Composite Decking

Consumers who want to update their outdoor space have a few choices when it comes to the types of materials they can use. If a deck is going to be in place for a long time following installation, then a composite material is a good choice. These plastic materials, which look like real wood, generally withstand the test of time. Prior to installation, ensure that all tools are readily available and that there is another accessible entrance to the home.


Composite Decking vs. Real Wood

Whether installing the decking as a DIY project or hiring someone for the job, there are two types of materials from which most decks come. The first is real wood, and the second is a composite decking material that is plastic with a wood design. There are a few components to consider when choosing decking material.



Composite Decking

Real Wood

Bugs and other insects

Not applicable

Must treat wood to protect


Depending on the type of material, may be resistant to fading

Fades over time from sun and elements


Looks like wood with no risk of splinters

Watch out for splinters


Does not split

Can split over time


Costs more, but lasts longer

Does not cost as much, but requires sooner replacement


Every household can choose the type of deck that fits its needs and budget. If the choice is composite decking, then check the tool shed for the following items.


Tools Needed to Install Composite Decking

After choosing composite decking, check to see if the following are readily accessible. If not, it may be a good idea to purchase these items, as many are useful for other household projects as well. To install composite decking, gather:

Another important tool is a speed square. Make sure to clear schedules, as installing a deck can take a significant amount of time. Depending on the dimensions, it may take more than one weekend, so keep a timeline in mind before demolishing an existing deck.


Getting Started

After gathering the tools and manpower for the job, it is time to get to work. In order to create a comfortable working environment, check the weather. The job requires many hours outside, so check the weather to ensure comfortable temperatures and conditions. Also, ensure that there is an alternative entrance to use during the process. This way, homeowners and their families can still move about without concern.


Installing Composite Decking

Demolish the existing deck to clear room for the new composite deck. Clear the yard of any demolition debris prior to moving on to the next step to ensure a safe work environment.

Attach the deck boards to the frame. Use a speed square to ensure proper spacing between the boards. Ensure the deck is large enough to accommodate all possible uses and equipment.

If a walkway is to accompany the new deck, add it to the installation list and complete two tasks at once. The walkway can be as simple or complicated as the consumer wishes. The materials for this job include paving stones and loose gravel to create a beautiful finish to the deck.


How to Buy Composite Decking on eBay

Consumers have the chance to purchase many of the tools and materials they need to complete this project by searching through a number of reputable sellers on eBay. Composite decking is generally a product of a variety of recycled materials. Take the time to choose the stain and details that you prefer, and simply type your query into the search bar located on any page. After the deck is complete, you can also use the site to purchase products to furnish it.

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