How to Install Door Handles

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How to Install Door Handles

For some homeowners, the idea of installing a door handle on their own is intimidating. It can be expensive to have a handyman come out just to install one handle, however. Homeowners also do not have time to wait for someone to come out to do such a simple job. The good news is that once a homeowner tries this task once, it is easy to do going forward.


Types of door handles

Door handles allow easy access into and out of a room or home, but there are different styles. Each style offers different benefits depending on whether it is an interior or an exterior door. Some door handles are purely decorative and do not turn at all, while others offer enhanced security. Some styles to consider include:

  • Lever handles
  • Decorative carved handles
  • Entrance knobs
  • Passage handles
  • Privacy knobs
  • Dummy handles

Security handles

Examples of security handles include entrance knobs, lever handles, and even some privacy knobs. Handles intended for use on an exterior door often use a keyed entry lock on both sides. This is particularly helpful if the door has a window next to it through which someone could access the interior side of the handle.

Decorative handles

Purely decorative handles, such as dummy handles, serve largely aesthetic purposes. Some do not turn at all, while others do turn. Often, these types of handles reside in hallways on doors that enclose a cabinet or small closet.

Decorative security handles

Some handles are both decorative and provide security. These include handles with unusual shapes, such as animals or mythical creatures. Others might have shapes such as large bars, rings, or even handles made from crystal or faux gemstones. Often, decorative security handles are for exterior doors, primarily at the front of the house. Some may even match decorative doorknockers.


Materials needed to install door handles

Most door handles do not require a large number of materials in order to install them properly. In most cases, homeowners with a basic tool kit have everything they need to perform the installation. Some tools may also do double duty, such as a screwdriver used as a makeshift chisel, if needed. Materials to gather include:

  • Door handle
  • Handle hardware
  • Cordless drill or screwdriver


Installing door handles

To begin, homeowners should make sure that they have everything they need for the installation. There should be a latch assembly and faceplate, two handles, and the hardware to fasten each piece. Once all materials are ready, homeowners should assess the door. Most new doors already have cutouts for the handles and face plate, and existing doors have these already in place.

Latch and faceplate

Insert the latch assembly into the hole on the edge of the door so that the bevelled side points toward the door jamb. Slip the faceplate over the latch assembly, but do not insert or tighten screws until the handles are in place. This allows the assembly and the handles to fit precisely before you tighten them completely.


Insert the handle with the cylinder on it onto the outside of the door. The assembly must fit into the cylinder, so adjust both pieces until they fit together. Then, place the other handle on the opposite side of the door, sliding it toward the opposite side until the pieces fit flush together.


Use the included screws to secure both handles on each side of the door. Use either a cordless drill with a screwdriver bit or a screwdriver. Homeowners should be careful to tighten the screws only until they are hand tight to avoid stripping any of the screws. Once the handles are secure, insert and tighten the screws on the faceplate. Test the door handle by closing the door and using the handles on both sides of the door to open it again. If everything works as it should, then the job is complete.


How to buy items to install door handles on eBay

Most homeowners have what they need to install door handles, but if you are moving into your first house, you need to make sure you have a full tool kit on hand. Some ideas for tools to add to your kit include a screwdriver, a hammer, a tape measure, and a cordless drill. Each serves different purposes, and all come in handy while making various repairs. Search for what you need by typing the name of the tool into the search box on any eBay page, and then look for listings from Top-rated sellers.

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