How to Install Pegs on a Mountain Bike

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How to Install Pegs on a Mountain Bike

Pegs on a bike help cyclists perform tricks more easily by giving them more control in the air. Pegs can help the rider grind on objects, balance in the air and expand the variety of stunts possible. Pegs can also carry passengers on the back of the bike, though this is not advisable. Manufacturers make pegs for BMX bikes and not regular mountain bikes for various reasons. To install pegs on a bike, first understand their purpose and the different types available.


Why Pegs Are Meant for BMX Bikes

Manufacturers do not design regular mountain bikes to accommodate pegs. Manufacturers design a BMX bike to utilise pegs because it has thicker wall tubing. The tubes on a BMX bike are more resistant to twisting because they are shorter than the tubes on a regular mountain bike. Overall, regular mountain bikes cannot support the pegs, and they can most likely damage the bike's wheels. BMX pegs weaken or damage the frame tubing on a mountain bike. Also, the extra weight of a person standing on the rear pegs can bend the axle or rear hub. People generally use pegs only for BMX bikes in order to perform certain stunts.


The Purpose of Pegs

Different types of pegs have multiple purposes. Pegs for 'freestyle' or 'flatland' riding have a jagged grip for standing. The grip provides more friction for feet while in the air. Pegs used for 'street' or 'ramp' riding do not have grips because people use them for grinding on surfaces. They scrape along rails and ramps to grind across them, so having less friction is necessary. Pegs with no grips are smooth on the surface. When choosing which type of peg to use, consider the bike and rider's purpose.


Threaded Pegs and Socket Pegs

Threaded pegs replace axle nuts during installation. It is important to get the correct thread size when buying threaded pegs. Before choosing them, measure the thread of the bike hubs in diameter and length. If the thread length is different, the pegs cannot screw onto it. If the diameter of the thread is too small, the pegs bend when in use.

Manufacturers make most threaded pegs for a standard rear axle. In most cases, bike hub threads are universal. Socket pegs are different because the axle nuts hold them in the bike. People can slide on the socket peg and then secure it with axle nuts. Pegs consist of aluminium, steel, or plastic. Buyers must consider the properties of the material before buying pegs.








Decent strength



Moderate - hard riding

Hard riding

Moderate riding

Good on cement

Good on cement

Not good on cement


Plastic pegs are the cheapest and wear down quickly because manufacturers do not design them for durability. Aluminium is a softer metal than steel, and therefore it is lighter but weaker. Steel is strong and durable, but it may feel too heavy for some riders. People should use steel for 'hard riding'.


Installing Pegs

Pegs usually install at the rear of a bike. Set the bike upside down on its seat and bars for easier access. Loosen the axle nuts using a ratchet wrench and socket. Leave the washers in place. Put the peg on through the axle.


Axle Damage From Pegs

Axle and bearing damage is common when using pegs. Damage usually occurs when pegs endure too much weight, which sometimes happens with passengers riding on rear pegs. Too much weight on a peg puts excess pressure on the axle. This pressure worsens the quality of the axle in the long run.

Socket pegs generally have a larger contact area with the frame, meaning they do not twist the frame as much. For rough riders, it is advisable to buy socket pegs. Socket pegs are usually more expensive, but they tend to be worth the money.


How to Buy Pegs on eBay

Sellers on eBay offer a large selection of pegs and peg equipment. If interested in installing pegs on a BMX bike or mountain bike, consider buying from local sellers to ensure that your options arrive quickly. Cheaper shipping options and pickup may also apply. To begin your search, simply type your query into the bar on any page. Narrow your results by browsing under categories related to bicycles and bicycle equipment. Easily find tools and books on eBay as well to ensure proper bicycle care and maintenance.

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