How to Install Sliders On Drawers

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How to Install Sliders On Drawers

Drawers are excellent storage options for both home or office. For a drawer to work properly, it must be installed on sliders (or casters). These sliders enable the drawer to open and close smoothly and quickly. However, not all drawers come with sliders pre-installed. It’s also possible for sliders to break with repetitive use, so replacement may eventually be necessary. Installing drawer sliders is a very simple process requiring little time and few materials.


Types of Sliders

There are a few different types of sliders available, so it’s important to research options for buying. With regard to the position of mounting, there are bottom mount sliders, undercount sliders, and centre mount sliders. The type necessary depends upon the way the drawer opens and on the way the furniture is designed.

Sliders can be made from metal, plastic, or epoxy. The most popular option, of course, is metal, because of its durability and longevity. Plastic sliders may be significantly cheaper, but they are also more likely to break with repeated use. Epoxy sliders are a bit rare, but they may be found with a bit of searching.


Installing Sliders on Drawers

Once sliders are purchased, installation is quick and simple. Installation requires a few extra tools, such as a pencil, ruler, screws and a drill or screwdriver.

Step 1

Remove the drawer from the furniture and empty it, if necessary.

Step 2

From the bottom of the drawer, measure and mark two points on one side. The points should be exactly 2.5 centimetres from the bottom but some distance apart. Using the ruler, connect the points with a pencil line. Repeat this on the other side of the drawer. These lines will act as the centre lines of the sliders.

Step 3

Rest the drawer on one side so that a side with a pencil line is on top. Place one slider against the line. The narrower side should be on the front side of the drawer, while the wider part should be extended until it goes past the rear. Using a centre punch, mark the centre of the screw holes on the narrow part of the slider.

Step 4

Turn the drawer over so that the side on the bottom is now on top, and then repeat the action above using the second slider.

Step 5

Mark a point within the furniture that is approximately 3 centimetres from the top. Using a straight edge, extend the line to the rear of the cabinet while maintaining the measurements. Repeat this on the second side of the cabinet.

Step 6

Against the line drawn on the right side of the cabinet, hold the wider side of the extended slide. You should make sure that the line and the screw hole centres align. Use a pencil to mark the centres of the screw holes. It may be necessary to drill a hole beforehand to make screw installation easier. Repeat this action on the left side.

Step 7

After marking the holes, install the wide arms of the sliders next. The right-side wide arm should be installed to the left using screws. Make sure the screw holes on the wide arm are aligned with the respective holes before screwing. Repeat the same process to install the left wider arm. The sliders should be in the extended position.

Step 8

Hold the drawer in position between the extended narrow arms. Make sure that the screw holes in the arms coincide with the screw holes marked earlier along the lines on each side of the drawer. Using a drill or screwdriver, secure the drawer to the narrow arms of the sliders.

Step 9

Move the drawer by pushing and pulling it out of the cabinet to test if it moves smoothly. If the drawer does not move smoothly, loosen the screws on the drawer. This will enable the drawer to move within the oval holes of the sliders. Firmly bolster the screws when the right movement has been achieved.


Purchasing Sliders on eBay

There are many types of sliders for purchase on eBay. To make a purchase, one should first visit the home page of the eBay website, type “sliders” on the search bar and then click on the “search” button. Results can be filtered by price, size, condition, and material. This will narrow down the selection of sliders, so that the correct ones are easier to locate. After checking the seller’s feedback to ensure that he or she is the best person from whom to purchase sliders, one can finalise the purchase.



With a little know-how, installing sliders can be an easy project for the do-it-yourselfer. One can purchase all needed materials easily and conveniently on eBay.

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