How to Install a Bathroom Basin

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How to Install a Bathroom Basin

Many homeowners dream of installing a new bathroom basin, but fear the high plumber's bill. What they do not realise is that most homeowners can easily install a new bathroom basin themselves without calling a plumber. Whether the homeowner wants a beautiful new wall mounted sink, pedestal sink, drop-in sink, or cabinet style basin, most homeowners can do the job themselves. Homeowners can install a bathroom basin by obtaining the needed supplies and following simple directions.



Homeowners need a few basic supplies to install a new bathroom basin. They need caulking, plumber's tape, a bucket, a wrench, and a faucet. Of course, they also need the new bathroom basin. Bathroom basins come in many different styles.


Type of Basin


Wall mounted basin

Mounts directly to the wall with special hanger brackets

Pipes may be covered with a shroud attached to bottom of sink

Popular in areas where space is tight

Pedestal basin

Floor mounted sink

Often attaches to wall for additional support

Plumbing lines are inside the pedestal

Popular in areas where space is tight

Consider using as a focal point in room

Vessel basin

Sits in a floor mounted vanity base

Attached to wall for additional stability

Often becomes a work of art

Requires special plumbing techniques

Framed basin

Installs in a vanity countertop often made of plastic laminate

Pipes hidden in vanity

Economical choice

Under-mount basin

Self-rimming sink

Installs in a variety of countertops

Clamps into place underneath

Cabinet style basin

Installed in solid surface counter

Pipes concealed in vanity base


The homeowner can choose the variety of basin that they want. Choosing a pedestal sink requires special plumbing techniques that the homeowner may not be able to do him or herself. Otherwise, they all install in the same way.


Installing the Basin

In addition to the basin, the homeowner needs a faucet to match it. Different styles of faucets are available including widespread, centre-set, single hole, or wall mounted. Look on the materials that come with the basin to see what type is right for that particular sink.

Turn Off the Water

The first step in installing a basin is to turn off the water to the old basin. In most cases, homeowners find a valve near the sink that turns off the water to the sink. If there is not one or the homeowner cannot locate it, then he or she should turn off the water to the whole house.

Undo the Plumbing

Locate the u-shaped pea-trap under the sink or in the pedestal. Once the pea-trap is located, place a bucket under it. Undo the slip nut holding the pea-trap in place and remove the trap. The next step is to undo the flexible hoses next to the trap. Depending on the age of the plumbing, these attach in various ways, so look and act accordingly.

Attach the Faucets

The next step is to choose the faucet that works with the basin. Using plumber's putty, attach the faucet to the basin following the manufacturer's directions. The next step is usually to attach the deck plate over the adapter plate with plumber's putty. Next, insert the faucet into the middle hole in the basin. It normally holds in place with a metal washer and long nut under the faucet. If there are other handles, install them with metal washers and long nuts as well.

Install the Drain

Locate the threaded-bowl flange and push it down in the drain hole. Underneath the basin, screw the threaded flange-pipe into the bowl flange. Apply plumber's tape to the threads and screw the drain tailpiece onto the flange. Ensure the pop-up level faces the back of the sink. Next, install the stopper following the manufacturer's directions.

Finishing Touches

Apply a bead of caulk to the top of the vanity if the sink is to sit in one. Lift the basin into the vanity and press down firmly and evenly. If the basin hangs from the wall by hooks, hook it in place. Reattach the pea-trap and tighten the nut. Then, reattach the flex hoses. Apply a bead of caulk if the sink touches the wall. Finally, let the caulking dry according to the manufacturer's directions before operating the sink.


How to Buy a Bathroom Basin and Supplies on eBay

A bathroom basin is an easy installation project that you can complete at home. Getting the supplies is easy when you shop through eBay. There you find a wide assortment of products from reputable sellers offering the supplies you need the most. Simply type your search phrase into the box atop any page. If you are in a hurry to get started on installing your new bathroom basin, consider products from local sellers that may offer cheaper shipping or delivery.

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