How to Install a Bumbo Seat Belt

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How to Install a Bumbo Seat Belt

In August of 2012, Bumbo International recalled its baby seats in cooperation with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and sent out a free repair kit to all consumers who had bought the original item. Bumbo seats sold after the recall all contain a revised warning label and a three-point harness, but those who bought the seats before the recall need to install the harness themselves. Installing the belt with the provided kit is relatively easy if parents follow the instructions provided.


Using a Bumbo Seat

A Bumbo seat is useful for babies who are able to hold their heads steady while in a sitting position, but who cannot sit without support. Parents often use Bumbo seats when they want to take advantage of face-to-face interaction with their baby, reading a book, playing a finger game, or showing a toy.

Parents should only use Bumbo seats on the floor, and never on an elevated surface. Parents should also stay nearby while the seat is in use; the Bumbo seat is not a substitute for a crib or portacot.


Importance of Seat Belt

In the 5 years before the recall, CPSC discovered incidents of more than 50 infant injuries that occurred when the baby fell out of the Bumbo seat from a raised surface, as well as 34 infant injuries that occurred when the baby fell out of a seat placed on the floor or "at an unknown elevation". Many of these babies suffered from skull fractures, with others presenting with bruises, bumps, and other minor injuries.

Bumbo produced the seat belt to deal with this safety concern. The seat belt secures the baby in place and prevents the baby from squirming out. Because the baby can still potentially tip the Bumbo seat over, even with the seat belt installed, it is important for parents to supervise the baby's time in the Bumbo car seat, and never place the seat on an elevated surface for any amount of time.


Using the Assembly Kit

The assembly kit contains three items: an attachment point template, a child restraint belt, and three anchor pins. Parents should use these items to improve the safety of the Bumbo seat by adding the restraint belt.

Bumbo International sends out the listed items in their assembly kit. In addition to these items, a permanent marker or pen to mark the proper locations for the pin washers is necessary.


Installing the Bumbo Seat Belt

To install the seat belt, first push the template into the Bumbo seat until it fits snugly. The template must remain in contact with the seat around the seat's entire inner surface. Then poke a pen or marker through the holes in the template, marked A, B, and C, to make a mark on the Bumbo seat on the same locations, and remove the template from the Bumbo seat. The mark by the label "A" on the template notes the spot to insert the red anchor of the seat belt. When inserting, the tip should protrude from the bottom of the seat, which parents can secure with a washer, flat end first. The washer should click into place. Repeat this process to secure the two black anchors at the dots marked "B" and "C". To ensure that the belt is correctly secure to the seat, tug firmly on the restraint belt.


How to Buy a Bumbo Seat on eBay

Although installing the seat belt in the kit avoids the major fall hazards of the Bumbo seat, buying a new Bumbo seat ensures that the seat belt is correct and secure. You can buy a new Bumbo seat on eBay by typing the term 'Bumbo seat' in the search tab on any page and scan the results for the desired Bumbo seat. All authentic Bumbo seats are identical in structure, so parents need only to choose a colour or pattern in order to purchase a new and secure seat.

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