How to Install a Pendant Light

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How to Install a Pendant Light

A quality pendant light instantly injects style and elegance into even the dreariest of rooms. While installing one may appear to be a tough home improvement project to a novice, it is actually a basic task that one can easily master. Following a few simple steps is all one must do to make the installation a simple exercise. Simply know the necessary materials, understand the parts involved in the installation process and begin installing the light.


Safety Measures

Safety is the top priority when installing a pendant light. Make sure there is no power to the junction box linked to the pendant light. The best way to ensure that the power is off is to switch off the power to the light on the breaker switch. Homeowners should also use a voltage checker to make sure there is no residual electricity running through the wires coming out of the junction box.

Failure to ensure that these objects are not supplying power to the space the pendant light will occupy is a dangerous blunder with potentially serious, or even deadly, consequences. It is also important to ensure that all power tools are in good working order.


Installing the Pendant Light

After making sure there is no electricity travelling to the light's location, install the pendant light's mounting bracket to the junction box in the ceiling. Make sure this mounting allows for access to the wires within the junction box.

Next, use a ruler or tape measure to gauge the unit's desired hanging length from the ceiling downward. After determining the proper length, lay the pendant light next to the measurement unit and figure out where to separate the light's chain to achieve the proper hanging length. Separate the chain link using a chain breaker or by prying it apart with a pair of flathead screwdrivers.

Connect the Wires

After modifying the light to hang at the proper length, connect the wires attached to the light fixture with those hanging from the junction box in the ceiling. This is typically a two-person job. One person holds the pendant light in place, and a second person connects the wires.

First, connect the ground wire from the pendant light to the junction box. This wire is relatively easy to find, as manufacturers typically mark it as the ground wire. If the manufacturer does not mark it, it is typically coloured green. Tightly wrap the ground wire around the ground screw found in the ceiling box. Be sure that the screw is tight in order to keep the wire in place. After securely attaching the ground wire, connect the rest of the wires.

Attach the Pendant Light

After ensuring all of the wires are secure, push the wiring into the junction box and slide the pendant light up to the mounting bracket. Screw the light fixture into the bracket tightly, and then install the unit's decorative encasing if it is not pre-attached. Finish the job by screwing a properly sized light bulb into the pendant light and restoring power to the junction box.


Buying Pendant Lights on eBay

Dependable sellers on eBay offer several pendant lights in a dazzling array of styles and patterns. Additionally, these sellers are a good source for other equipment you may need to properly complete the project, such as tape measures, chain breakers and screwdrivers. Simply type the product you need into the search bar atop any eBay page. Consider local sellers for speedier and cheaper shipping options. The right pendant light and proper tools can turn a dreary room into your favourite dwelling space.

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