How to Install a Pioneer Head Unit

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How to Install a Pioneer Head Unit

'Quality', 'affordable', and 'trusted' are just a few of the words that are usually used to describe the authoritative digital entertainment products from the Pioneer Corporation. Amongst the company's most respected products is the Pioneer head unit, a high-quality stereo system that creates an exceptional listening experience in users' vehicles. More importantly, the Pioneer car stereo is an easy-to-install system that allows for easy setup of the head unit. Users simply need a few important tools and a free afternoon install the new head unit and enjoy hours of entertainment while driving.


Tools for Installing the Head Unit

There are a number of primary tools that are necessary for installing a Pioneer head unit into a car. These include wire cutters, wire strippers, a screwdriver set, electrical tape, and rubber gloves. Car owners should make sure they have all of these tools  on hand before beginning the process. Most of these supplies are available online and at bricks and mortar hardware and home supply stores.


The Installation Process

Installing a Pioneer head unit can take several hours. More experienced users with some mechanical knowledge may find that it may takes less time. However, even less experienced car owners might find the process fairly straightforward.

Disconnecting the Battery Terminal

Because the installation process entails the use of electricity, make sure that the negative terminal of the car battery is disconnected. This limits any chance of electrocution and other electricity-related accidents.

Removing the Old Unit

To remove the old stereo, start by sliding out the old head unit and unplugging the wires connected to the back of stereo. In some instances, an installer may need to remove the surrounding trim to easily access the unit and remove it from the dashboard.

Once the wires have been unplugged, carefully proceed to disconnect the antenna. This is simply done by pulling on the connector rather than the wire. Pulling the wire may damage it. At this point, an installer can take advantage of the open unit and confirm if the harness adapter in the new head unit is similar to the old one. If it is not, pause the installation and purchase the right harness adapter from an auto parts store, otherwise the installation will not be successful.

Preparing the New Pioneer Head Unit

Depending on how the old stereo was mounted, prepare to mount the new unit by using the unit brackets or metal sleeve that usually goes around the stereo.

Plugging In the Pioneer Head Unit

This step involves plugging the wiring harness adapter into the factory plug and pluging the new harness into the connectors on the adapter. In other words, plug the positive wires to the positive terminals and plug the negative wires to the negative terminals. At this stage, be sure that the antenna and ignition power wires are also plugged into the Pioneer head unit.

Sliding the Pioneer Head Unit into the Dashboard

Carefully slide the Pioneer head unit into the dashboard. Then, using a screwdriver, screw it into proper place. After that, replace all the dashboard components previously removed from the head unit.

Reconnecting the Battery

Reconnect the car battery by returning the negative battery terminal to its original spot. To confirm if the new Pioneer car stereo is working, turn the car on and test the head unit. Car owners who are unsure about how to go about any of the installation steps or who have any problems during installation should contact a professional car mechanic for guidance or help. Checking the Pioneer head unit user manual can also be of great help in solving some installation problems.


How to Buy a Pioneer Head Unit on eBay

Just like most products from the Pioneer Corporation, the strength of a Pioneer head unit lies is in its range of features and affordable price. Sellers on eBay offer an assortment of new and used car stereo products, from amplifiers to head units. To make a purchase, just type a key phrase, such as 'Pioneer head unit' or 'Pioneer car audio system,' into the site's main search bar, and you will find countless options to choose from.

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