How to Install a Security Door

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How to Install a Security Door

Security doors are essential parts of home security systems, and they give homeowners and small business owners the extra level of protection they need to feel safe in their private spaces. For many people, however, installing these doors is a new experience, and those unfamiliar with security door installations may need to learn a few helpful tips about the process. DIYers can also benefit from thoroughly exploring their retail options, which include both traditional brick-and-mortar retailers and online sites like eBay that feature doors and tools.


Selecting the right security door

The two main types of security doors include screen security doors and steel security doors. Steel doors provide much more solid barriers, but they are more difficult to install, and they do not offer a view of the outside world when closed. Screen doors provide a decent level of security and allow those inside to see what goes on outside their homes or businesses.

Measuring for the door

A crucial step in choosing the right security door involves measuring the space for the door. The majority of home and business doors adhere to a standard set of dimensions measuring 2,040 mm in height and 820 mm in width. However, some homes or businesses may have door openings that deviate from this standard, and it is important to measure precisely before selecting security doors.


Assembling the tools for the job

Installing a door properly requires the use of specific tools. Some items, including hinges and z-bars, come as part of security door packages. Consumers should determine all the components that come with doors before purchasing new tools. Some tools that DIYers may need include:

  • Hammer
  • Drill and bits
  • Chisel
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Builder's square

In addition to these tools, DIYers also need wooden wedges they can use to hold the doors in the frames during the initial stages of installation. These items may or may not come as part of door packages.


Preparing the door and door frame

Before hanging doors in frames, it is important to carefully mark out and position the hinges that hold the doors to the frames. DIYers also need to attach components such as handles and locks to the doors before hanging them.

Attaching components to the door

Items such as handles and locks typically come with security doors, but it is usually necessary to attach them. Before hanging the doors, consumers should install all the components according to the manufacturers' directions. In some cases, it is necessary to position doors in place before attaching latches.

Positioning hinges

When setting doors into frames, the hinges should fold in. Wooden wedges placed under the doors help hold them in position for hanging. According to home repair expert Bob Vila, two wedges at the base and one at the top should suffice to shim a door in place. A door should have about 3 mm of space between it and the frame on all sides, including the top and bottom. Once the door is in place, simple pencil marks are all that is necessary to use as a reference for hanging the door. The builder's square allows users to create straight lines where the hinges rest.

Attaching the security door

A partner should hold the door in an open position with the hinges open while the installer positions the hinges flush with the corresponding marks on the doorframe. It is easier to first drill a screw into the top of the top hinge and then the top of the bottom hinge. The door should swing well and have a 3 mm buffer all around before putting in the rest of the screws. At this point, it is acceptable to mark the positions for any latches on the door. The builder's square helps ensure the latch and catch are straight before drilling them into the door and frame.


How to buy security doors and tools on eBay

You can find a wide range of security doors and tools offered by the sellers on eBay. Start by locating the search bar on any page of the site and run a keyword search. Make sure you take time to review details by clicking on titles and visiting the product detail pages. You always want to ensure your home or business is as safe as possible. With quality security doors installed with precision, you can focus on enjoying the relaxation that comes with guaranteeing the safety you want and need.

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