How to Install a Television Wall Bracket

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How to Install a Television Wall Bracket

Upgrading from an old CRT television set to a flat screen helps free up space in the home, especially when mounting the new TV on a wall. Wall-mounting a television allows a homeowner to select the optimal viewing position and keeps an expensive piece of technology out of the reach of children and pets. However, fitting the wall bracket correctly is essential to avoid the risk of the TV falling.


Safety precautions

When undertaking any DIY projects in the home, consider safety precautions before starting. Check for the presence of electrical wires and water pipes before doing any drilling, and wear safety glasses to reduce the risk of injury. Furthermore, keep away from children and pets while operating tools and machinery, and lock tools safely out of reach of children when not in use.


Choosing a suitable location

Some locations are unsuitable for a wall bracket. For example, a homeowner should never position a TV above a fireplace, according to the Digital Trends website. Heat is not good for electronic components, and a naked flame directly beneath a television could cause serious damage.

For large, heavy televisions, locate the bracket on a wall made of blocks or bricks; this creates a much stronger anchor point. If the walls are made of plasterboard, affix the bracket to the timber studs inside the wall. Before drilling any holes or installing the bracket, ensure that the location of the bracket is a comfortable viewing distance from the seating areas in the room.


Finding studs

The internal walls of many modern homes are made of plasterboard over a wooden frame. While it is possible to attach a bracket directly to plasterboard using a hollow wall anchor, affixing the bracket to the upright wooden studs inside the wall is more secure. Finding these studs requires an electronic stud finder.

Calibrate the stud finder

Place the stud finder against the wall, and activate it. Wait a few moments to give the device enough time to read the density of the wall at the current position, and then slowly move it around.

Marking studs

Whenever the finder locates a stud, mark it with some masking tape. The Digital Trends website recommends finding several studs and then measuring the distance between them. Studs appear at regular intervals, so if the distance between each marked location is the same, this indicates the stud finder has found genuine studs instead of giving off false positives.

Final checks

Before drilling, push a precision screwdriver into the wall at each point where drilling will take place to see if it meets resistance. Then, push the screwdriver into the wall on either side of the first holes. This helps ensure that the centre of each stud is found.

If the studs are inconveniently placed

It may happen that the position of the studs is not ideal for installing a bracket. In such a case, it might be possible to drill extra holes in the wall bracket. Alternatively, as long as the bracket is not articulated, it might be possible to install it using a hollow wall anchor. The instructions included with the bracket specify which wall fixings are suitable for use.


Fix the bracket

The most difficult part of wall-mounting a television is finding the studs. The installation is straightforward after locating the studs:

Determine the correct height for the pilot holes.

Mark with pencil, using a spirit level to ensure the marks are level.

Drill the holes with an electric drill, using the correct drill bit for the wall type.

Insert the wall plugs.

Place screws through the holes in the bracket into the wall plugs, and tighten.

Most brackets come in two parts, with one part attaching to the wall, and the second part attaching to screw holes in the back of the television. Once the two parts are secure, they slot together and lock in place, completing the installation.


How to buy television brackets on eBay

Wall-mounting a television is an easy way to free up some space in a room, while also positioning the television for optimal viewing pleasure. To find a wall bracket on eBay, start by entering a search criterion in the search field available on any eBay page, and then use filters to refine the search based on price, condition, and brand. Remember to read lot descriptions carefully. Each television bracket works with certain models and sizes of television only, and you need to ensure that you purchase one that is suitable for your particular model.

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