How to Keep Fish Tank Water Clean

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How to Keep Fish Tank Water Clean

When someone enjoys having a variety of colourful fish in their home, they will need to know how to keep the fish tank water clean. This is not a difficult task to achieve when considering the amount of enjoyment and relaxation an aquarium can bring into the owner’s life. By understanding the different types of fish and the water that each requires, this can assist anyone in having the enjoyment of a fish tank on a daily basis.


Types of Fish Tank Water to Clean

There are two types of fish water that any aquarium owner is required to keep clean, a freshwater tank and the saltwater tank. The difference in caring for these various types of fish is significant. It is ideal to know the kinds of fish in the aquarium to be certain to provide a fresh tank.


Keeping the Fish tank Water Clean for Freshwater Fish

Owning a freshwater fish tank can allow for an easier task when it comes to keeping the water clean for the fish enthusiast. Some fish types that are included in this category include goldfish, betta fish and many others.

Listed below are the steps for keeping the water clean when owning a freshwater fish tank:

  1. Consider setting up the tank at least six weeks before adding the fish.
  2. Place the tank in low travelled areas and bright lights which may cause the fish stress.
  3. Keep the right amount of water in the tank and add the recommended water conditioner to eliminate unnecessary chemicals in the water.
  4. Be sure to install an internal and external filter to keep the fish tank water clean.
  5. Change at least 1/3 of the water out and replace with fresh water.
  6. At least every six months take the gravel in the tank out and replace it with fresh gravel.
  7. Check the PH levels in the tank routinely and use the appropriate chemicals to keep these balanced.
  8. Never feed the fish too much, or this may cause the water to cloud.

It is important for the health of the fish and keeping clean water to be sure the tank is cleaned on a regular basis.


Keeping the Fish Tank Water Clean for Saltwater Fish

There are many saltwater fish owners and keeping the water fresh and clean is key to the health of the fish. In order to help keep the water clean for this fish type, it is important to not overcrowd the tank.
Common saltwater fish include:

  1. Clownfish - This fish acquires its name by its colourful appearance. These are hardy fish and can easily survive without a care deal of tender loving care. Additionally, clownfish are related to the damsel fish and are a great way to start any fish collection.
  2. Blennies - This is a saltwater fish that is small in size and don’t offer a lot of colours, but are huge on personality.
  3. Tangs - These pretty fish are a great addition to any fish lover and have a peaceful nature to boot.
  4. Angelfish - One of the most commonly selected types of saltwater fish include this species. Angelfish varies a great deal in size and can range from five to 24 inches and are one of the most colourful saltwater fish around.


Other Tips for Keeping the Fish Tank Water Clean for Saltwater Fish

Some of the easy methods for keeping the water clear and the saltwater fish in good shape are listed below:

  1. Practice routine maintenance by replacing the saltwater every few weeks.
  2. Check the PH level in the tank on a daily basis.
  3. Do not feed the fish more than once a day and only an allotted amount. Also, be sure the fish eats the amount of food given per day.
  4. Review the instructions provided when buying the saltwater fish tank to be sure the right amount of water chemicals are used on a routine basis.
  5. Avoid putting too many fish in the aquarium at one time because this can cause the water to become cloudy.
  6. Be sure to change the internal filter at least every few weeks to keep the water clean.


How to Purchase Fish Water Tank Items on eBay

Keeping an aquarium free of debris and harmful toxins is critical to the health of fish. By browsing the home and garden section on eBay, it is possible to find any item required to get this job completed. The right filter type or the necessary items can be purchased at a price that is usually well below that offered at another location. The fish will be happier, and the prices will be considerably better by taking the time to look on eBay to find the items needed to achieve this goal.

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