How to Keep Pillows Fresh

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How to Keep Pillows Fresh

Every bed is incomplete without a pillow. In fact, pillows are the key to a good night's sleep, but just like any other item, they accumulate dirt, especially since many people do not wash them. Having a dirty and unpleasant-smelling pillow to sleep on to every night surely makes one's sleeping experience less enjoyable. Understanding pillows helps people know the different ways in keeping them fresh and clean, to properly take care of the pillows and make them last longer.


Types of Pillows

Even though most pillows look similar, there are various types based on their fill. In fact, the contents of a pillow determine how to keep them fresh.

Natural Fill

Natural fill pillows have feather or down filling, which is a fluffy insulation under the feathers. It is comfortable because it conforms to a person's head or neck. An individual needs to know the fill power of the pillow, or the number indicating the fluffiness of a pillow. The higher the fill number, the more huggable and durable the pillow is. Those who have sensitive skin benefit from hypoallergenic down pillows. Natural fill pillows have a life span of 10 years if properly taken care of.

Synthetic Fill

The filling in synthetic fill pillows are manmade fill and typically polyester. The great thing about these pillows is that they are hypoallergenic and have pretty inexpensive price tags. However, they usually last only for two to three years. They also do not conform to the head and neck like natural fill pillows.

Poly-Cluster Fill

Poly-cluster pillows have synthetic fills composed of silicone-coated polyester clusters that move and feel like down pillows. Since they are basically synthetic, they are also hypoallergenic, making them perfect for allergy sufferers. These are just right for the budget since they give the comfort of natural fill pillows while also being on the low-end side. However, they do not last as long as natural fill pillows.


Foam pillows are made of solid chunks of foam. They are also inexpensive, but they are more useful as decorative pillows rather than bed pillows. These pillows look great in the living room or couch, but are not very useful in the bedroom.

Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows easily mould around the head and neck, making them best for people with head and neck problems. They offer firm support through their dense and sponge-like fill. Memory foam pillows have a life span of two years.


Tips on Keeping Pillows Fresh

The advertised life span of a pillow does not mean that it actually lasts that long. In fact, it may not even reach its life expectancy if the owner does not regularly clean it and keep it fresh. Here are some tips on how to keep pillows fresh every day.

  • Put pillows in a pillowcase to keep sweat and dust from infiltrating the pillows.
  • Check the instructions on how to wash pillows.
  • Uncover them and air them out under the sun for a couple of hours.
  • Rub essential oils on the pillow or put fresh herbs and flowers inside the cabinets where the pillowcases are to give pillows some fresh scent.

Aside from having pillowcases, pillows also have covers that keep the fill from getting out and impurities from getting in. Some of these covers have fabric protection treatment so that the pillow repels stain and water, and also remains resistant to microbes.


How to Buy Pillows on eBay

You can all sorts of pillows from sellers on eBay, from standard pillows to European pillows. The price range of synthetic pillows is lower than the natural fill ones. It is best to look for pillows that are machine washable so that you no longer have to worry about keeping them fresh. Become familiar with the seller's feedback ratings and ask questions before committing to a transaction. Whichever pillow you choose, you can maximise its life and your comfort with proper maintenance.

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