**How to List Your Item With eBay and Save Money**

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Have you ever listed your Favourite Item for sale on eBay but have been a little disappointed with the response? Do you ever feel limited by the default eBay Picture/HTML listing controls?

Hello, My name is Adam and I would love to help all you eBayers out there by lending you a little advice that I have picked up along the way! I have been using eBay for some years now and have felt a little limited by some of the seller options that are available to me.

Specifically, I love to use photo's of my items for sale that I have created and sized according to how I feel that they should look and not be limited by quality or size, (KB). I do this by hosting my own pictures from my own WEBSPACE through my Internet Service Provider, (ISP). I try not to limit myself to just plain Hyper Text Markup Language, (HTML), either.

At the end of the day, how many of you eBayers out there have EVER bought something from eBay, 'Sight Unseen'?? I bet very few of you!! Pictures tell a thousand words so why not promote your item EXACTLY how you want to. And paying $0.25 for extra photos is cheap but when you list a lot of items, it all adds up to loss of profit for the seller. Using your own Web Host or webspace to host your own photo's can save you oodles of cents in the long run.

Step 1. Your Free WebSpace: Ask your ISP or surf their website for info on the available webspace for your account. Most ISP's will give you at least 10 Megabytes, (Mb) of space which is ample. Once you have ascertained how much is available to you, obtain the necessary information from your ISP regarding 'Webspace Login' and obtain a basic File Transfer Protocol, (FTP) download/upload program. Your ISP may also be able to help you out here. Most have their own embedded into their User Accounts Page.

Step 2. Transfer your Photos: Using the photo's you have taken of your sale item, transfer copies of these photo's, (Via FTP Program), to your webspace making sure that you have at least one blank '.htm file' titled 'index.htm' stored in the root directory of your webspace location. This will ensure that your photo's can be found by any browser. Don't forget to take note of your photo file extensions as well, e.g. .JPG or .GIF etc.

Step 3. Using the <img src> TAG: Using Notepad, Wordpad or any other HTML capable editor, begin to write your own eBay sale page as you would normally, however, now you must use your own photo's that you have uploaded to your webspace. To do this you must link to them within your sale page. This is achieved by writing this HTML tag <img src="http://yourISP.com.au/yourwebspace/yourphotofile.jpg "> within your HTML sale page. So, if I wanted to sell a bike and took a photo of it and called the file, 'bike.jpg', and my ISP was, w w w. cheapISP . com, who gave me webspace at w w w .cheapISP.com/AdamsWebSpace,  I would add the link as follows: <img src="http://w w w .cheapISP. com/AdamsWebSpace/bike.jpg">. But remember that you must have already saved the 'bike.jpg' file within your webspace in order to use it.

Step 4. Test Your Photo Link: IMPORTANT, before submitting your listing, test your link out to make sure that it works. You can do this by opening a browser up on your screen, Internet Explorer will do it, then just simply type out your webspace address that references the photo you uploaded to your webspace and hit enter. If the image comes up on your screen, then your link is working. You can try this with .gif images as well, for example, animated bullet points or backgrounds.

Step 5. Enhance your listing!: This is easily achieved by using special HTML tags. By this I mean FANCY bullets or Horizontal lines. Jazzy Backgrounds and the like. All this is perfectly legal within eBay. I have checked this out already. You can add these animated .GIF files as you would for an image or photo. Refer to step 3 above.

Step 6. Photo Size IS important: Make sure that you help eBay Server Side technical staff out by reducing the overall file size of your photo's BEFORE UPLOADING. I did say earlier that this is unlimited when using your own webspace, (this is TRUE). However, if, as a potential buyer of the above bike, and I was still in yesterdays world and using a 28.8K dial-up modem, I would not want to be trying to view someones sale page and downloading their images if they were over say 250 Kilo Bytes each in size. Be fair. You can use any number of programs out there that will compress your digital images. An easier way is to just setup your digital camera to take LO-Res photo's. (As a guide, try not to exceed 150KB-250KB per photo).

By now, you will have just touched the surface with what you can do to help your own eBay listings. I have shown you the bear HTML minimum. The sky is the limit and it gets very exciting when YOU can be in control of your sale. You are unlimited by the amount of photo's that you may list by utilising the short instructions I have given you above. I trust you'll be saving money in the long run and having fun doing it. For further help, please feel free to Google the HTML TAGS I have presented in this guide.


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