How to Lose Weight and Keep It off This Summer!

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Do you want to know how to lose weight this festive season without giving up the christmas pudding and the chocolates in the stockings?

Well you in the right place, Because today im going to share with you the foundations of The Body Tracking System. The Body Tracking System is a revolutionary system that has been designed so you dont need to live of carrot sticks and run a daily marathon to lose and maintain your weight.

So if your ready, lets get into it!

Overview of The Body Tracking System:

The basis of this system is knowledge. If you know what is going into to your body, and the outcomes it is acheiving, then you can tweek what your doing to get the results you desire.

The 5 Pillars of The Body Tracking System are:
1. Weight Tracking
2. Portion Tracking
3. Body Composition Tracking
4. Daily Activity Tracking
5. Body Measurement Tracking

Now i know that this sounds like alot of "Tracking" but stay with me,  it only takes 15 minutes per month!

The First Pillar: Weight Tracking.

Now i dont mean jumping on your scales 3 times a day. That acctually will do more harm than good.

The Body Tracking System states that for optimum results, you want to weigh yourself on a good set of Body Fat Measuring Scales only ONCE PER WEEK! When doing this weekly weigh in, Make sure it is on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up. This will help control the variables of how much you have eaten that day.

The Second Pilliar: Portion Tracking.

Did you know that the average can of coke contains 13% of your daily carbohydrate intake? Or that 2 150gram serves of meat is more protein than your body needs? Did you know that 90% of the population don’t eat the recommended daily servings of Fresh fruit or Vegetables? Well if you didn’t know any of these, then chances are they are affecting your weight.

* The 73% of people don’t know the amount of vegetables they should eat to manage their weight
*  54.5% of the population is overweight or obese
*  Each gram of fat contains 37kjs

Before you stress out, this isn’t an in-depth diet that is going to confuse or frustrate you. It isn’t going to make you go hungry, or miss out on your favourite foods. Quite the opposite. In The Body Tracking System® we recommend eating the foods you love, but only in controlled quantities. 
There are however 5 guiding principles to managing what you eat witn The Body Tracking System®

1. You must eat atleast 5 times per day- This may seem strange, but trust me. By eating more regularly your body will stop storing excess food as energy in the form of fat.

2. Eat atleast 1 serve of vegetables per meal- One serve of vegetables is half a cup of cooked vegetables. We much prefer Kitchen scales though, so that’s 50 Grams of Cooked Vegies, or 75 grams of salad vegies per meal. 

3. Monitor your carbs- There are many different opion’s on carbs, however “carbs” isn’t a real word. The real word is Carbohydrate, notice the “Hydrate”. Our bodies are supposed to be 70% water, and hydration is essential, this carbohydrates are essential. Try and limit your intake to 30 grams of carbohydrates per meal.

4. Keep yourself Regular- Yes I am talking about fiber. Fiber is the biggest thing that is forgotten by todays world. Do yourself a favour and eat 5 grams of fiber per meal.

5. Proteins- Yes we do need proteins, but do we need as much as the average person eats? No we don’t. We need just 50 grams per day, which equates to 250grams of meat for the day. Try and spread this through 3 meals, that is for example, 2 eggs for breaky, A Chicken sandwhich for lunch, and Fish for dinner.

If you follow these 5 guiding principles, and keep your Kitchen scales on the bench then you will be amazed with the results. 

Pillar 3: Body Composition Tracking

This simple procedure will only take you 7 minutes per month, and is essential to acheiving the goals you desire.

You see, if you dont know how you are travelling along your journey, then its pretty hard to get to your desitination.

The Body Tracking System says " Just by measuring your weight you can be mistaken as to if you are losing fat or losing muscle and vica versa, which is why it is essential to know your body's composition at all times"

So let me explain.

The System says that once a month you will want to do a complete body analysis using  a Body Tape Measure and a Body Fat Caliper. 

Then once you have your accurate results, use them as a bench mark for the results your Body Fat Scale gives you.

For example, if your caliper body fat percentage is 16%, and the Body Fat Scales say you are 25%, then the difference is 9%. 

This 9% becomes essential to remember, as every week when you weigh and test yourself on your scale you will use this to calculate your "Real" Body Fat Percentage.

Pillar 4: Daily Activity Tracking

A simple yet essential pilliar. Tracking your daily activity has 2 parts:

Part 1: knowing your Resting Daily Calorie Intake. Do a quick google search and you will receive your result based of your height and weight. The other option is if you have a Good Body Composition Scale they will often tell you your intake more accurately

Part 2: Wear a pedometer with a "Calorie Burnt" function for 4 days a week. This will help you know the total additional calories that you have burnt for the day.

So: if your resting intake is 2,000 calories, and you burn on average 300 Calories. Then as long as your eat equal to 2,300 Calories then you will maintain your weight. And if you eat less, you will lose weight.

Pillar 5: Body Measurement tracking

Now this section is too large to explain here, So ill give you an overview of it.

The Body Tracking System recomends that once a month you sit down for 7-10 minutes, and go over your Daily, Weekly and Monthly results and see the trend. By this trend you will know if what you are doing is working or not.

It also says that you should re-measure yourself with your Body Tape Measure and Body Fat Calipers.

So there you have it, a breif overview of The Body Tracking System.

I hope that you have found this article helpful, and if you want some more information about the products required to fully utalise this system then head on over to our eBay store for a great range of Body Fat scales, Kitchen Scales, Body tape measures, Body Fat Calipers, as well as calorie pedometers.

Thanks for read,

Maria & Joel

The Scale House

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