How to Magnify Zoom Size Scale images or pictures.

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How to Magnify Zoom Size Scale images on the net.

The internet is a great place to buy most things but one of constant the issues is size. I have sold a lot of jewellery on the net and the most common issues, by far, is the scale of the items I sell.
Comments like 'bit smaller than I thought', 'nice but small', 'could be bigger'. You get the idea.
I have also purchased quite a bit online and can appreciate the problem so I use a built in browser feature to get a better idea of size. Most browsers allow you to zoom in and out of the picture and, indeed, the text if you are a bit vision impaired.
You can try it right now. Read the next few lines before you have a go. If you press the 'ctrl' button and the '+' (plus) button at the same time the image will zoom in, become larger. If you press 'ctrl' and '-' (minus) the image will zoom out or get smaller. The trick is to count how many times you do it so you can go back to the default zoom level you like. Try it.
Now all you have to do is get a ruler and zoom in or out until the size of the object you are considering and seeing on the screen approximately matches the stated size. It is an imperfect system but you do get a better idea of scale even though the image becomes pixilated if you enlarge a great deal.
It works very well with items that fit the screen or even a bit larger. It's not so good with smaller object and reducing their size as in the case of jewellery. BUT it is better than no idea at all. Most sellers really do want their customers to know exactly what they are buying.
For smaller objects like rings, the same ruler, pencil and paper will still do an reasonable job if sizes are quoted. Like I said some idea is much better than will avoid disappointment.
Remember, CRTL + or - , works for me!

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