How to Make Beaded Bracelets

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How to Make Beaded Bracelets

Making beaded bracelets by hand is an enjoyable, money-saving craft. Handmade beaded bracelets show off your individual style and also make thoughtful gifts. There are countless ways to make beaded bracelets. The following guide offers a few designs that will complement various fashion seasons.


Beaded Leather Bracelet

A beaded leather bracelet is perfect for wearing with a casual autumn outfit. Because of its high quality appearance, others are not likely to know it was homemade. To make a beaded leather bracelet you will need leather or suede cording, a strong needle to puncture the leather, a spool of thread in a colour that matches the cording, scissors, a thimble, and beads.

  1. Begin by taking a long piece of leather cording and folding it in half, forming two parallel lines. Take this piece and wrap it around the wrist at least twice. Cut off the remaining section of leftover cord. Lay the cording flat on a table.
  2. Thread the needle, find the centre of the folded leather and push the needle through it. Next, thread one bead onto the needle. Push the needle through to the other side of the leather. Thread another bead onto the needle and repeat the same stitch.
  3. Create a pattern with the beads, such as 10 blue beads followed by one gold bead. Continue repeating this process until you arrive at about 4 cm from the end. Add an extra touch to the bracelet by including an opal charm on the end of the cording. Tie a secure knot and the bracelet is complete.

Sweater Bangles

Perfect for wearing during cold weather, sweater bangles are wide bracelets covered in soft sweater material; they are very easy to make. To make your own sweater bangles, gather a needle and thread, yarn, scissors, and a ruler. Now all that is needed is a bracelet form, an old sweater, and a few clear beads.

  1. Cut a rectangular section out of the sweater material, approximately 23 cm long. Just make sure it is long enough to fit around the bracelet form. Wrap the rectangular sweater piece around it.
  2. Next, take the needle and yarn and use it to secure the sweater material onto the form. Find where the sweater meets the form on the inside and sew the two parallel sides together. Alternatively, use fabric glue to secure the material in place.
  3. To finish the bracelet, stitch on a few clear beads in random places with a needle and thread.


Beaded Ring Bracelet

A completely unique look can be achieved by making a turquoise beaded ring bracelet, consisting of a wrist piece, a finger piece, and a middle section connecting the two. This ring bracelet adds a touch of simple elegance to any wardrobe.

To make a beaded ring bracelet you will need a pair of pliers, a wire cutter and nylon thread. Materials include four jump rings, one jewellery clasp, one 7.5 cm section of chain, and two 8 cm sections of chain. Also select several small round beads of your choice.

  1. To create the finger piece, attach one jump ring to both ends of the 7.5 cm chain. Each jump ring should be closed very tightly.
  2. To construct the middle piece that lays over the top of the hand, begin by tying nylon thread around a jump ring. Take several beads and thread them onto the nylon. Continue threading beads on until the beaded section is approximately 11.5 cm long.
  3. To make the wrist piece, secure a jump ring to each end of the two 8 cm pieces of chain. Add a lobster clasp to one side of this chain. Next, connect the two 8 cm chain pieces with a jump ring.
  4. Finish by tying the loose end of the thread around the ring.

To wear this beaded ring bracelet, simply fasten it around the wrist and loop the ring around the index finger.



Making your own bracelet can be a fun and creative project. Whether you wear your bracelet with jeans and a sweater, or with a fun dress, there is sure to be a style that fits your personality. Once you decided on what you want in your bracelet, all sorts of jewellery-making supplies can be found through online retailers such as eBay.

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