How to Make Birthday Gifts at Home

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How to Make Birthday Gifts at Home

Many people have the opportunity to celebrate their family and friends birthdays multiple times per month. Knowing the same people year after year, sometimes people run out of great birthday gift ideas. Consumers should make their own homemade birthday gifts at home instead of getting the usual gifts or gift cards for their loved ones. Consumers who are knowledgeable about homemade gift options and how to make them will save money and give a creative present to their loved ones.


Gift Options

There are many different options for personalised birthday gifts consumers can make from home. Most of them are very inexpensive and will show loved ones that you care, by spending time to put something together just for them. Crafts are very simple and take anywhere from half an hour to a few hours to complete.
Children can make some crafts while others may need adult supervision. Consult options that do not need adult supervision, like cookies in a jar, a personalised calendar, or a coupon book. More complicated gifts, such as up-cycled furniture and a necktie t-shirt, do require adult supervision and take longer to make.

Cookies in a Jar

Cookies in a jar can be a delicious gift for anyone. They are easy to put together. First, select a mason jar. After that, simply layer all of the ingredients in the jar in an order to make a nice design. Chocolate chip cookies would be chocolate chips, flour, baking soda, baking powder, brown sugar, chocolate chips, rolled oats, and sugar. Last, wrap a bow around the top of a jar and attach a label with cooking instructions.

Personalised Calendar

Personalised calendars are quick and easy to make but mean a lot to the receiver of the gift. The easiest idea to put together a personalised calendar is to buy a blank calendar and attach pictures and comments to each month. Attach pictures of consumers and their loved ones of things they have done together on certain months and mark the calendar with special events.

Up-Cycled Furniture

The up-cycled furniture has a lot of options and variations. The best way to figure out which piece of furniture to up-cycle is to find something in the home that is important to the gift receiver and change it so they can either use it again or keep it as a keepsake. One example of this would be old up-cycled cupboard doors. Save cupboard doors from their first home. Paint the entire door and then paint the inside square of the door with chalkboard paint. This useful up-cycle is not an accessory to use on a daily basis around the home.

Necktie T-shirt

Find a suitable tie pattern for the gift recipient whether it is their favourite pattern, sport, or one of their old shirts. Next, use a paper backed fusible web to trace a tie pattern and trim the pattern with about 1 inch excess all around. Iron the fusible web to the fabric and let cool. Once it is cool, cut out the pattern and attach it to the t-shirt right around the neckline for a necktie t-shirt.

Coupon Book

Coupon books are a free and convenient personal birthday gift. Use some paper, pens, and crayons. Simply write out personalised coupons for the gift recipient for whatever they may want. These could include things like chores, dates, babysitting, or anything else the consumer may think of to help the recipient.


How to Buy Supplies to Make Birthday Gifts at Home on eBay

Buying to make a birthday gifts at home is simple and inexpensive when you buy from trusted sellers on eBay. When searching, simply type in a keyword or phrase into the search bar on any eBay page to see a list of all the related options that you can purchase. Use the refinement tools to narrow down the search by condition, location, or price. If the search needs more than just filters, try using specific keywords in the search bar such as different colours or sizes.

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