How to Make Birthday Gifts for Dad

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How to Make Birthday Gifts for Dad

Most fathers are special men. They get up early to go to work, often run to their children's activities after work, and then come home to take care of home repairs and love their families. Yet, many men are difficult to shop for when their birthday comes around. Therefore, celebrate by making your own birthday gifts for Dad. Consider making hammers, clocks, dominoes, candles, key rings, and many other fun ideas.


Monogrammed Hammer

If Dad is the handyman in the house, consider making him his own monogrammed hammer. This project requires a wooden handled hammer, acrylic paint, and a fine-tip black permanent marker. Start by sanding the hammer and then painting it with a coat of white paint, painting one side at a time.
Once the paint is dry, paint his last initial at the bottom of the handle. Use the paint to decorate one side of the handle and let dry. Flip the hammer over and paint the other side. Once dry, outline the designs with the marker to make them pop.


Bicycle Brake Disc Clock

If Dad loves bike rides with the family, consider making him a bicycle brake disc clock. In addition to the disc brake, you need an inexpensive quartz wall clock with a minute hand a little shorter than the radius of the disc brake and 13 flathead bolts with nuts. Open the clock and carefully remove its hands and working box.
Position the clock on the back of the disc brake and the hands on the front. Use one bolt to hold the box in place. Position the other 12 bolts around the outside of the brake to serve as hour markers.



Encourage Dad to take some time off on his birthday by making him some homemade dominoes. For this project, you need a 10-cm wide and 0.31-cm thick piece of wood that is about 122 cm long. Start by measuring the board off in 5-cm segments. Run the board lengthwise through a table saw so that the blade makes a mark in the middle of the board, but does not cut through.
Then cut out the dominoes. With a pencil, make an "x" on each half of the pieces for the dots before burning them into the wood with a wood-burning tool. Finish the dominoes with a coat of varnish.


Citronella Candles

If Dad loves to entertain outside, make him his own citronella candle using an empty paint can. You also need candle wax, a candy thermometer, a wick with a tab, a double boiler, a bamboo skewer, and some citronella essential oil for candles. Cut the wax into small pieces and place them in the double boiler, making sure that the temperature never rises above 93 degrees. While the wax melts, use the tab to attach the wick to the can's bottom. Attach the other end to a bamboo skewer laid across the top of the can. Once the wax melts, stir in 10 millilitres of citronella essential oil for candies. Pour the wax into the can and let it set until firm. Trim the wick to about 0.5 cm.


Faux Swiss Army Key Ring

Make sure Dad never loses his keys again with a faux Swiss Army key ring. Resembling a Swiss Army pocketknife, the keys fan out yet conveniently stay out of sight when not in use.

Supplies and Tools

This project requires only a few basic supplies. Gather paint stir sticks, a baking sheet, 2 #8 machine screw lock nuts, 2 #8 machine screws at 2 cm long, and 10 #8 machine screw washers. Other important supplies include metal glue and wood stain for holding construction together and decorating the outside of the finished product. In addition to these supplies, you also need a drill and bit set, tin snips, sand paper, pencil, and ruler. The baking sheet provides a cheap source of metal, but you can substitute other metal.


Cut the stir sticks to the desired length and then cut the metal just a bit smaller. Wrap the wood in tape and drill a hole in each end for the machine screws. Insert the screw in one piece of metal. Insert a washer, then a key, then another washer and another key and continue adding until you have four keys on one end. Repeat on the other end, and add the second piece of metal. Glue the wood to the outside and paint if desired.


How to Buy Birthday Gift-Making Supplies on eBay

You can make many wonderful birthday gifts for Dad, including faux Swiss Army knife key rings, citronella candles, dominos, clocks, and a monogrammed hammer. Regardless of the type of birthday gift you want to make, one decision is easy. The best way to start is by buying supplies from sellers on eBay. Just go to any eBay page and enter the supply you seek into the search box at the top. Use the suggested categories to narrow your results, and be well on your way to making Dad feel special this year on his birthday.

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