How to Make Birthday Gifts for Mom

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How to Make Birthday Gifts for Mom

Buying a birthday present for mom can be difficult. There might be a lack of funds or the mother may already have everything. There is an alternative to heading to the mall and making charges on the credit card. Making a homemade gift for mom can be a great way to show her love. There are many easy ideas that work well on the wallet and come out beautiful for mom as well. Do-it-yourself gifts include picture frames, jewellery, spa kits, knitting gifts, and homemade cakes.


Picture Frames

A specially decorated picture frame with a favourite family photo is sure to be a hit. To begin, buy a simple wooden or plastic photo frame. Choose a size that fits the photo. Purchase craft supplies like paint, beads, or scrapbook stickers. Scrapbook stickers are great because of the huge variety out there.  Decorate the frame with a design that reflects the interests and personality of the mom.



Handmade jewellery is good for moms who love getting jewellery and those with craft skills. Start with buying jewellery wire. Jewellery wire is available in aluminium, gold, silver, copper, and brass. Secondly, decide what type of jewellery to make. If earrings are the gift, earring backs need purchasing. Beads and charms are a good choice for jewellery. Jewellery making kits are best for those not wanting purchase each piece individually.


Spa Kits

Mothers love pampering. A traditional trip to the spa is often very expensive. It is simple to make spa kits that are just as good as store-bought options. There are recipes out there for DIY body scrubs. Pick a scent that mom loves. To add to the kit, purchase some candles and lotion to make her birthday even more special and relaxing.
There is nothing like covering an eye mask at the end of the day. An eye mask provides a comforting weight over the eyes and helps with headaches. Mothers appreciate homemade eye masks even more. The materials needed for an eye mask is felt or blended wool, embroidery floss, 1/2 cup of rice, and a pattern. Making a mask is easy and there are patterns online that are free to download. Add essential oils like lavender for extra relaxation.



For those good at knitting and crochet, a handmade scarf or blanket makes a great personal gift. Pick yarn in the colours that are mom's favourites. For example, if the consumer is making a scarf, find a pattern that suits mom the best and use her favourite colours. Free patterns and tutorials are available to make the process even easier.


Homemade Cakes

A homemade cake can never go wrong. Choosing a cake recipe is hard with so many choices out there but it is best to choose the mom's favourite. Make sure to use quality cake pans or the cake could come out flat. Use various frosting tools to write a special birthday message on the cake. Make sure to include candles for mom to blow out.


Comparing the Costs

Some projects cost more than others do, which is important to consider before working on these projects. A picture frame requires fewer materials and has a low cost, as do scarves and eye masks. Homemade spa kits and cakes cost more, and have a more intricate list of necessary supplies.
Jewellery can be the most expensive of all of these projects, as items like wire, beads, earring backs, and charms can add up in price. Some of the supplies needed to make these crafts are likely on hand, which may save money. Before beginning a project, take inventory of scissors, glue, paintbrushes, and other items needed.


How to Buy Craft Supplies on eBay

eBay sellers offer all the crafting material needed to make a birthday present for mom. Specify exactly you need in order to make the gift before searching on eBay. When making jewellery, use search terms like 'jewellery beads' or 'jewellery'. Using the search bar found at the top of every eBay page allows you to find whatever craft supplies you may need to make the perfect birthday present for mom.

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