How to Make Body Scrubs to Sell

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How to Make Body Scrubs to Sell

Many people desire soft, supple, beautiful skin, but also want to avoid using potentially harmful chemicals. Homemade sugar scrubs utilise naturally nourishing materials to create luxurious skin care products that exfoliate, soften, and hydrate the skin. Use high-quality ingredients and attractive packaging to create scrubs to sell to others wanting to enhance and improve their skin naturally. These products also make fantastic gifts for anyone who deserves a bit of indulgence.


Necessary Supplies

Gathering supplies in advance allows for faster, smoother production of scrubs to prevent waste and reduce risk of contamination. Organise supplies to simplify the process and ensure appealing finished products.

Packaging Supplies

Packaging is essential to the appeal of finished body scrubs. Clear plastic jars show off the scrub and are recyclable for an earth-friendly packaging option. Use personalisable adhesive labels to label each jar with the name of the scrub and the ingredients in a colour and design appropriate for that scrub.

Scrub Supplies

Simple to create, customised body scrubs offer a wide variety of scents and textures to address specific skin challenges or create seasonal products. Many of these products are oils or liquids from plants or food ingredients.





Olive oil

Hydrating, skin nourishing

Soft, smooth skin


Moisture-locking, antibacterial

Hydrated, protected skin

Brown Sugar


Smooth, scented skin

Essential Oils

Fragrance, aromatherapy

Scented skin, therapeutic


Astringent, invigorating

Toned skin, energised feeling

Coconut Oil


Soft, moisturised skin


When crafting body scrubs with natural ingredients, remember that water encourages the growth of mould, bacteria, yeast, and other undesirable organisms. Stabilise scrubs with a non-paraben preservative to inhibit the growth of these dangerous organisms.


Create the Scrub

Determine the scent and benefits desired for your scrub. For a seasonal, energising scrub, choose peppermint oil, white sugar, and coconut oil. Add extra texture and scent with crushed candy canes. To create a soothing, nurturing scrub, use olive oil and honey with brown sugar and vanilla essential oil. Combine ingredients in a large, dry bowl until desired consistency.
For easier integration of ingredients into solid ingredients such as coconut oil or cocoa butter, gently melt 125ml of the solid over a double boiler and integrate 200ml of the sugar to achieve the exfoliating texture. Use equal parts olive oil and honey with enough sugar to create a thick consistency. Drip in the essential oils into the mixture to achieve a personal preference on the potency of the smell. Experiment with different oils and bases to create a line of customised scrubs.

Add Colour

Enhance the look and impact of the scrub by adding a touch of colour. Use food-grade colouring or jojoba wax beads to tint half of the peppermint scrub red for a true candy cane effect for the packaged scrub. Avoid use of natural items such as citrus peels that are not shelf stable and contain moisture, both of which cause contamination of scrubs not used immediately.


Package the Scrub

Ensure each jar is completely dry before packaging the scrub. Use a plastic pastry bag and large piping tip to fill the jars neatly. Create an appealing multi-coloured effect by using two bags to alternate piping each colour of the scrub along the sides of the clear jar, and then fill in with swirls of each. Carefully wipe the opening of the jar and close tightly. Apply the labels after filling the jars to prevent spills from ruining the labels and potentially marring the jars.


How to Buy Body Scrub Supplies on eBay

Shopping for supplies to craft body scrubs in brick-and-mortar stores is limiting, but when you select eBay for these items, you have a tremendous variety available to you. Rather than browsing through all of the available products to find the ideal ones for your needs, utilise the search bar on any page to search for specific items. For the highest quality and lowest risk of contamination, ensure the scrub supplies are in new, unopened containers and have not passed their expiration date.

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