How to Make DIY Shelves for a Small Bedroom

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How to Make DIY Shelves for a Small Bedroom

Optimising space in a small bedroom can be a challenging task. Many turn to wall shelves or floating shelves to solve this conundrum, getting as much out of their above-floor space as possible. Instead of looking around endlessly for the right pre-made solutions, homeowners can make their own DIY shelves for a small bedroom by following a few easy tips. By also bypassing traditional brick-and-mortar vendors and utilising eBay to find the necessary tools and supplies, anyone can build shelves to get the most out of a small space.


The Swing Shelf

The swing shelf is a quick and fun DIY shelf that allows homeowners to incorporate their own personalities into the design of the piece. Assembling the right tools is the first step in the process.

Tools and Items for a Swing Shelf

There are several standard items needed for this project that homeowners can source easily. Additionally, this shelf design involves some creative elements that homeowners can select at their discretion. Gather two boards in oak or reclaimed wood, rope to hang the shelves, an electric or manual drill, and two screw eyes. Other supplies include decorative beads large enough to fit over the rope, and plumb line to hang the shelves evenly.
When selecting items such as the boards and the beads, DIYers can base their choices on the particular look they want to achieve in a room. Beads can be large, wooden ones or any design that suits the décor of a room. DIYers may want new boards, or they may want to use reclaimed wood for a funkier and more eco-friendly look.

Hanging the Swing Shelves

First, insert the screw eyes into the wall at a distance that places them about 1 inch from the ends of the boards. Use the plumb line to ensure that they are also in a straight line. Feed a length of rope through the looped end of each screw eye so that you have two strands hanging down, leaving several feet of length to work with.
Next, drill holes into the four corners of the boards. Feed the rope ends through these holes, placing decorative beads above the board if preferred. Using the plumb line, make sure that the board is hanging straight and secure it in place with a sturdy knot below each hole. Working with a partner can make this part of the process much easier. Leave some length and then repeat the process for the second board. Use beads to add a decorative element, tying them off with knots.


The Drawer Shelf

Those who want an even quicker and easier DIY project might enjoy putting up a drawer shelf. Find an old drawer from a dresser or night table. Choose a small one that will create a small nook shelf on a wall. Affix a few picture hangers to the underside of the drawer and use this to hang the drawer on the wall with the compartment space facing out. Work with a partner to ensure that the drawer sits evenly on the wall while affixing the hardware. This creates a charming cubby for anything from books to collectibles.


How to Buy Shelf Supplies on eBay

Anyone looking to create some DIY shelves for a small bedroom can choose from a wide range of products on eBay. Start with the search bar, available on any page on the site. Run a search with a keyword term describing an item, and review items in the resulting list by clicking on their titles. Hanging shelves in a small space does not need to be complicated; in fact, it can be easy and creative. With the right supplies and a few, fun DIY tips, homeowners can transform a tight space into an efficient one with these DIY shelf ideas.

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