How to Make Drawers

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How to Make Drawers

Many homeowners are hesitant to build their own drawers, even if they’ve dabbled in woodworking before, but drawers aren’t as complicated as some people believe. A simple drawer can be built and installed in less than a day, as long as you have the right tools and materials and follow the steps below.



To get started, you’ll need to buy a few tools and materials for constructing your drawers. These include:

  • Plywood (thicker pieces for the sides and a thin piece for the bottom)
  • Wood glue
  • Drawer tracks
  • Table saw
  • Router
  • Dovetail bit
  • Mallet
  • Screws
  • Screw driver or drill with bit
  • Knobs/pulls or handles
  • Measuring tape



Once you’ve collected the necessary materials, it’s time to measure the opening for your drawer. Use a measuring tape to determine the necessary drawer length, width and height. These measurements need to be precise, so measure a few times to ensure accuracy.


Cut the Plywood

Drawers are made up of several parts–the face, sides, front, back and bottom. The face is the part of the drawer you can see when it’s closed. To make this, take the width and height measurements and add 2-3 cm to each one. Cut the face to these dimensions.

Now cut two identical pieces for the front and back and sides of the drawer and one single piece for the bottom. These should be cut to the exact measurements gathered in the first step. Add a small groove to the bottom of each of the side, back and front pieces; you will slide the bottom piece into this groove later.


Build the Drawer Box

Once your pieces are cut, use the router and dovetail bit to create dovetail corners on the ends of each of the back, front and side pieces. Use a little wood glue in the dovetail grooves to hold the drawers together. Slide the bottom piece into the grooves once the back and sides are assembled. Then add the front piece to the box; use the mallet to tape the joints together firmly. Allow the glue to dry overnight before you proceed.


Add the Drawer Face

You can paint or stain the drawer face before installing it, or just leave it unfinished. For a decorative look, use the router to add a design along the edge of the face. Once it’s finished, add the face to the front of the drawer with short screws, using a drill or screwdriver to insert the screws from the inside.


Finish the Drawer

To install the drawer, attach the tracks and rollers you purchased as a kit to the sides of the drawer and the insides of the cabinet. The drawer should fit perfectly into this track and roll smoothly to close and open.

Once the drawer is installed, attach the handles or knobs by pre-drilling pilot holes. Then insert the screws attached the pulls and secure with a nut on the inside. Once you’ve made one drawer successfully, you should have no trouble making more whenever you need a little extra storage space in your home.

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