How to Make Money WITHOUT Prostituting Yourself

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Got your attention have I?  Strange title you may think!  Prostitution is simply selling yourself short on anything or put another way, doing something that doesn't make you happy. Look around you, how many people can you see who are making money doing something they're not happy doing.  Next time, you go shopping, look at the faces of the supermarket checkout operators - are they happy?  Sometimes not, they are only there for the money and it shows on their faces.  Occasionally you meet a people person who loves her/his work and it shows.  That person's smiling face influences you to go back to that store again. 

Everyone likes to make money.  It's natural and normal to want to improve life for ourselves and those we love.  We need to make money in accordance with our life's spiritual path or happiness will elude us.   We need to make money by following our heart's desire.  Sounds simple enough, however in practice it can be anything but. 

It can be difficult to determine what our heart's desire actually is.  We have been so influenced by family, friends and society as to what are socially acceptable ways of money making.  We become doctors, lawyers, brickmakers, accountants, plumbers, whatever because that's what our parents wanted.  Or our high school friends talked us into it.  Or my boyfriend likes it.  We can be led astray by others, all the time thinking we are doing the right thing.  Following one's heart, is not always as simple or easy as it sounds.  Logic sometimes dictates we need money for whatever purpose, for instance putting food on the table.  This is following our heads, not our hearts and sometimes we need to do this, but not all the time.  In life, we need both a head and a heart in equal measure. 


If financial circumstances dictate you stay in a job you're not happy in, use your head and think about how to get out into another circumstance where you will be happy.  How can you develop your heart's desire, your true passion, your interests.  Ask yourself how can you do this in your spare time and develop it into a full time opportunity for work?

  •  Maybe you can start selling your ideas through information products such as ebooks on eBay. 
  •  Or you can manufacture jewellery or whatever articles you are passionate about and sell them at local markets or on eBay.
  • Start researching your passion on the internet.  There are amazing opportunities for niche industries.  The other day, I found a woman in the USA who has built a business out of medical transcription at home.  This lady started transcribing doctors notes at home and now she teaches thousands, YES, thousands of other women how to do it on the internet.  Talk about a niche industry.  Her STUDENTS are transcribing medical notes for large US clinics with in excess of 200 doctors.  I was flabbergasted when she wrote to me and told me this.  She developed her online business by using cutting edge SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.  But that's another guide, I will write some other time.
  • Take a course that interests you, or join a user group where you can mix with like minded people.  If you associate with like minded people, you will receive encouragement for your new idea or venture.  Avoid those who seek to tear you down or boo hoo your ideas.
  • Don't give up.  Persist, persist and persist.  A friend said to me last week, that she really admired intelligent people.  I mentioned to her that I've known some really super smart people who have done nothing much with their lives because they didn't even try!  Yet I have known some people of average intelligence who are just plain determined to get ahead in life and they have. 
  • If you think you are already following your heart and you are not making money, then ask yourself how can I make my idea a commercial reality?  Just asking the question will get your subconscious working on the problem.  You may have a great idea, but not applying it appropriately to the physical world.  Physical energies are always the last to manifest, so check you're on the correct spiritual path.  If you know you are, then check you have the correct knowledge.  Is your thinking correct?  Do as much research as you can and ask others.  Check the emotional level, by asking does this make me happy or do I only think it does?  Lastly check you have done everything physically necessary for success.  Be honest with yourself on every point.  If you don't get a resounding yes for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, this idea is not for your highest good.

We don't always realise the cost we pay when we don't follow our heart's true desire.  We end up paying more than we thought.  So start today to formulate a plan to get yourself out of your current situation if you're not happy.  Our spiritual development is wrapped up in our passion, whatever that passion is.  No matter how unusual or weird it might seem.  Follow it and experience all the rewards, material and spiritual it has to offer. You can make tons of money by following your passion and listening to both your head and heart in balance. 

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Regards, Rose Smith, BA, DRM, ATMS

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