How to Make Sheer Curtains

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How to Make Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are beautiful, elegant, and versatile, making them ideal additions to any window. However, sheer curtains available commercially are often expensive and provide limited options regarding style and colour. Sheer fabrics can be difficult to sew due to the slippery, delicate nature of the fabric, and so sewers often avoid using them. However, with patience, the right techniques, and appropriate supplies, buyers can create their own stunning sheer curtains.


Supplies for Making Sheer Curtains

To make sheer curtains, buyers need an assortment of supplies. These include sheer fabric, a sewing machine with the appropriate needle size, and tools for cutting and measuring. Required supplies include fabric in options like chiffon, organza, voile, and georgette, a cutting tool like sharp shears, serrated scissors, or a rotary cutter, and a sewing machine with a small universal needle sized 8-11. Set the sewing machine to roughly 15 stiches per inch and choose a fine thread like cotton or lingerie thread. Shoppers also need sharp, fine silk pins to avoid damaging the fabric while working.
In addition to these supplies, a cloth measuring tape and marking pencil are required.  When selecting a sewing needle, smaller is better; err on the side of caution to prevent the fabric from tearing or fraying. Prepare to use many pins in order to hold the slippery fabric in place when sewing, so ensure that enough are on hand. 


Making Sheer Curtains

Gather the supplies and prepare the sewing machine with the appropriate needle, thread, and stitch settings. Prewash fabric as there may be some shrinkage. It is advisable to test stitch settings, scissor effectiveness, and marking tools on a scrap of fabric before beginning the project to catch any issues and make necessary adjustments.  


Measure the window from top to bottom. If the curtain rod is above the top of the window, measure to the top of the rod. Measure the width of the window and double the number if the curtains are to have a double panel. Determine how wide the hems will be on the sides and bottom of the curtain and add this to the measurements. A 4 inch hem on the bottom, for example, requires an additional 8 inches in length. For the top hem, measure the diameter of the curtain rod. Add 1 1/2 inches to this measurement for fabric to sit tightly on the rod; add 2 inches for a looser fit.


Stretch the fabric across a flat, smooth surface. Because the fabric is slippery, it may move while cutting; avoid this potential problem by taping the edges of the fabric to the surface. Measure to the desired dimensions and mark with a marking pencil. Cut as needed.

Pinning and Sewing

Sheer fabric is delicate and tears easily, so be very careful when pinning and unpinning the fabric. Place the pins close together to ensure that the fabric does not slip free. Pin the side and bottom hems to the desired length and sew. To complete the top hem, turn the fabric up the diameter of the rod plus the chosen length for the top hem measurement, and sew. When sewing, hold the fabric taut both in front of the needle and behind the needle to prevent slipping or puckering. In addition, do not backstitch as the thread may jam. Finish seams by hand or use a lockstitch. 

Finishing Touches

Trim all loose threads and iron fabric if needed. Hang the curtains and enjoy the instant touch of delicate elegance that they add to any room.


How to Buy Sheer Curtain Supplies on eBay

Search eBay to find all of the necessary supplies for making your own sheer curtains. Select the fabric that you desire, such as organza or chiffon, and stock up on essential sewing supplies like pins and thread. Remember that for best results you should use only sharp, fine silk pins and cotton or lingerie thread. In addition, be sure to purchase a small sewing needle for your machine. Sheer fabrics can be tricky to sew, but with the right supplies, you can make elegant sheer curtains that add a classy touch to any window. 

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