How to Make Wedding Invitations

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How to Make Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding involves a long to-do list and a huge financial expense. Making your own wedding invitations is an excellent way to save some money in the process. Handmade wedding invitations are a special treat that can be cherished for years to come.


Using Handmade Paper and Cardstock

Selecting the right paper for the wedding invitations is of the utmost importance. Specialty papers make all the difference in how professional the invitations will look. Card stock is available in ample thicknesses and does not require the use of a layering technique. Some card stock has patterns, imprints, or natural elements woven into the paper fibers. One idea is to choose a card stock with a strong pattern and simply lay a layer of vellum over the top with the event details printed on it. Be sure to use double-sided tape to attach the handmade papers, as glue will bleed through.


Creating a Layered Effect

The layering technique can enhance the look of your cards and provide a unique touch to the invitation. To begin, be certain that all scrapbook papers chosen are complementary to each other and match the wedding colour scheme. Try selecting one paper that has a strong pattern and blending the other complementary card stock colours around it. To create a layered effect, first decide on which paper is to be the background. Select the next layer and cut it about 5 cm smaller than the background. Adhere this layer to the background. Continue this process with each desired layer, making each one smaller than the last. The invitation message is found in the smallest center shape. It should be printed on a very light colour of paper, such as vellum, so it is easy to read.


Selecting the Right Font

As there are so many fonts available to choose from, take some time to consider many different options. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the font. Above all, the font should match the personality of the card. For example, you could choose to print the words all in lowercase letters if you want to try something a little different. Also, take the readability of the font into consideration when choosing. For example, it may be a good idea to use a fancy script font for the names, but when used on the entire card, the message becomes difficult to decipher. Select a more basic block font to communicate details, such as the location of the wedding.


Attaching Lace and Ribbon

Many people like the look of lace on their wedding invitations. To apply lace to an invitation, spray the lace with an adhesive glue to secure it to the card. Choose a large piece of lace that is slightly larger than the width of the card stock. After the glue has set, trim the edges of the lace along the card stock edge to provide a nice, clean line.

To attach ribbon to the wedding invitations, a glue gun is needed. The ribbon should be wrapped around the top layer of the card and hot glued all the way around to the back of the card. To cover this on the back of the invitation, a separate piece of card stock should be glued over it, creating a finished look.


Additional Ideas

Decorating options for wedding invitations are practically unlimited. One idea is to decorate the invitations with rubber stamps. Stamps are an easy way to add personality.

Buttons are another cute idea. After choosing a pack of buttons that matches the wedding’s colours, attach them to the invitations with a hot glue gun. To make the invitations look even more special, stitch each of the buttons on the card with a needle and thread. To carry this stitched theme throughout the card, you could use your sewing machine to create a zigzag stitch around the edges in a bright color.

If there is a large quantity of cards to be made, an easy decorating option is stickers. For example, a side border can be created by cutting a section from a roll of stickers. Paper punches are another great option for decorating a lot of invitations with ease. They can be used to create various shapes and reveal the colour of paper lying beneath.



Why pay for run-of-the-mill premade invitations when a unique style of your own can be created? Making homemade wedding invitations is something that family and friends may be happy to help with. Whatever style of invitations you wish to create, find supplies and ideas on eBay. To see more ideas for creating homemade wedding invitations, take a look at this helpful guide.

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