How to Make a DIY Santa Outfit

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How to Make a DIY Santa Outfit

The thought of Santa Claus conjures the image of a jolly round man in a festive red and white suit. This traditional image of Santa has delighted children for years. People make and wear Santa outfits for various occasions. They wear them for adult Christmas parties, Holiday gatherings for children, and even Halloween costumes. Crafters should know how to construct the iconic suit and find suitable materials for its construction.


The Parts of a Santa Outfit

The hallmarks of Santa's attire include a soft red coat and pants lined with white fur, red cap with fur trim, white beard, wide black belt, and black boots. The task of finding these items may sound daunting to many. However, there are easy ways to find materials and create a suit that fits all types of budgets.


The coat for a Santa suit is often the hardest part to construct. Red fabric and a long length define a Santa coat. One way of accomplishing this look is to purchase a long and oversized red coat, shirt, or sweatshirt. Velvet is ideal, but cotton works well for those on a budget. Attach cotton batting to the bottom and cuffs of the garment with a needle and thread or fabric glue. Sewing oversize black buttons to the front completes the look.


The easiest way to create Santa's pants is to purchase a baggy pair of red sweatpants. Another option is to find a pair of velvet or silk pyjama pants. The material of the pants needs to fit inside the black boots of the costume. Make sure the fabric is pliable enough to accomplish this.


A Santa outfit requires a medium to long length pair of black boots. Wellies add a shiny effect, but matte work boots also look the part. Make sure the boots are wide enough to stuff the ends of the pants inside. Attach cotton batting to the tops of the boots with fabric glue. Gently stuff the bottom of the red pants into the boots as comfortably and naturally as possible.


Crafters can look for a black belt or use a piece of black fabric to wrap around the suit. People often think of Santa's belt as overly wide, so finding a suitable belt is often difficult. A felt or faux leather strip completes the look of the coat and offers a closure if needed. Make sure the belt is wide enough to accommodate stuffing.


If the crafter is able to knit, he or she can make a fluffy white beard with chenille or a similar fabric. Otherwise, the individual can attach cotton batting to either side of the hat, and drape it down into a beard shape. Another option is to glue cotton balls into the preferred shape and attach them to string that fits around the ears.


Crafters can create a Santa hat with felt and cotton. The individual can glue the felt into shape with fabric glue or sew it together. Add cotton batting for the trim and a large cotton ball for the end.


Stuffing the Suit

Unless the wearer has the body type to fit the part of Santa, a considerable amount of stuffing is required to fill the suit. Individuals may use a pillow to fill the belly area, but it might have the risk of falling out or shifting. Polyester-based stuffing, such as Polyfill, provides an even amount of filler in all parts of the suit. Fill the arms, legs, and belly region evenly to create a rotund figure.


How to Buy Santa Suit Supplies on eBay

Various supplies to create a DIY Santa suit are available on eBay. Sellers often offer their products for a lower price than retail stores or other vendors. Start your search by typing a keyword or keywords, such as Santa suit materials, in the search bar found on any eBay page. Filter your results with specific details, such as a certain type of material. View detailed pictures, descriptions, and shipping options of the product on the seller's page. Some sellers offer free shipping for an added discount.

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