How to Make a Firewood Box

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How to Make a Firewood Box

Firewood requires some type of storage to help shield it from Mother Nature's strong forces. There are many different ways to store firewood, and an excellent choice is to build a firewood box from scratch. Compared to a firewood rack or shelter, a box completely shields the wood from the harsh winter weather, protecting it from moisture and animals. Additionally, the box can have a location near the dwelling, or even inside the home to avoid carrying heavy firewood for long distances during the winter.


Materials and tools

Timber is a necessity for this project. If people are cutting the timber to size at home, a saw is a requirement. Other items to keep in mind include:

  • Sand paper
  • Sanding block
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Power drill
  • Timber varnish
  • Varnish brush
  • Dust cloth

If desired, attach four swivel wheels to the bottom of the firewood box so that it is easily movable, and add pine cones for decoration. Buy swivel wheels that have the hardware included.


Cutting and sanding

The timber needs to be in workable shape before beginning the project. Before assembling the timber, it needs to be the correct size, and requires sanding. The box acts as a storage facility of wood for many seasons, so choose rough timber if it is less expensive. While furniture grade wood looks lovely, it is quite common for it to be more susceptible to scratches over time. It is also up to the carpenter's discretion whether to finish with varnish or not. While varnish makes the box appear more attractive, it is not necessary to extend the life of the box.

Timber sizes

Have the pine timber precut at the store, or cut it at home with a saw. Either method is acceptable, but measurements need to be exact. The experts at home improvement retailer Bunnings Warehouse suggest specific measurements for timber. Cut the four short ends to 280 by 140 millimetre dimensions. Next, cut four short sides to 600 millimetres by 140 millimetres. Then, cut three boards for the base to 600 millimetre by 140 millimetres, and four corner pieces to 290 millimetres by 12 millimetres.


Once the sizing is complete, use fine-grain sandpaper on a sanding block on all sides of the timber. Keep in mind not to sand against the grain of the wood. When sanding is complete, wipe the excess shavings away with a dust cloth.


Building the box

Next, the ends, sideboard, and base require building. Begin with the ends, and build the base last. After the box is complete, attach wheels if desired.

Building the ends

The requirement is to build two ends. To accomplish this, first drill, and then screw, two of the long end boards to two corner boards. Drill the holes, then use an electric screwdriver to attach the screws. If needed, use a pencil to mark drill holes before making them. Connect the wood with woodworker's glue for the finest finish. Glue is also usable to add decorations such as pine cones in the last step.

Constructing the sideboards

Take two long sideboards, and attach them to each upright corner using drills and screws. When building the sideboards, keep a 10-millimetre gap between the sideboards.

Making the base

After the sideboards are complete, build the base by drilling and screwing the baseboards into place. If everything has been correctly measured, the outcome is a perfectly even wooden box. In contrast to the construct of the sideboards, do not leave gaps when attaching the baseboards.


Adding wheels and decoration

Next, add the wheels using the drill and hardware provided with the wheel kit. To make the wood more attractive and durable, apply two coats of timber varnish to the box with a varnish brush. The timber varnish must dry overnight between each coat. Use varnish in a well-ventilated area, such as an open garage or shed. Be aware that inhaling varnish fumes may be toxic. Lastly, add pine cones for decoration if desired.


How to buy timber and hardware on eBay

The reliable sellers on eBay have an exceptional inventory of items such as timber, hardware, and tools, for a firewood box or other projects. Use the basic and advanced search functions to narrow down results. For example, if you are searching for precut timber, add the dimensions, such as "600 by 140 millimetre timber". Look for sellers that are experienced and have a lot of positive feedback. If purchasing a large item, such as timber, find a local seller that offers local pick-up as a shipping option to save on both shipping time and costs.

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