How to Measure for Your Pond Liner

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Measuring Your Pond Liner

Measuring for an accurate pond size is quick and easy, however the number one comment we get from our pond enthusiasts is they incorrectly measured for their liner, and consequently have a smaller pond than intended.
After reviewing the dimensions with a number of our customers, we are finding that a crucial dimension is being omitted.

That dimension is the depth.

It is important that the depth of your pond is also incorporated into the dimensions or calculations, otherwise, when you start installing your pond you will ultimately have to take the depth of the pond from both the length, and the width of the pond liner.This is going to result in a pond that is smaller than you intended. If you have already excavated the hole, you will soon find out how very difficult it is to fill it in. Once the soil has been disturbed and loosened, it is difficult to put back and compact down, and as the soil settles over time you will find it sinking in the areas that you previously filled.
If you do happen to find yourself in this situation, leave a pile of the soil nearby so you can periodically fill in any areas that may need attention.

When calculating your liner there are a couple of measurements you need to keep in mind.
1. As discussed above, you need to figure in your pond depth and this needs to be done twice for the width and twice for the length.
    What the depth measurement does is actually allow for a pond wall- which by nature is the depth. You will have 2 walls for the width,
    and 2 walls for the depth.

2. You also need to allow for some overlap on the pond edge- in most cases 30cm x 2 for both length and width is ample. This edge will be
     hidden by a rock edge, plants etc. In our example we will assume a 30 cm depth and 2.5 metre pond width and 4.5 metre length.

Use this formula to calculate your correct liner size:

Length = 30cm x 2 (pond edge)  = 60cm
              30cm x 2 (pond depth) = 60cm
              actual pond length         = 4.5 m       

Liner length required = 5.7 metres       

Width =  30cm x 2 (pond edge)  = 60cm
               30cm x 2 (pond depth) = 60cm
               actual pond width         = 2.5 m     

Liner width required = 3.7 metres    

Or, to really simplify the formula, if your pond is going to be 30cm deep - add 1.2 metres to your desired pond length and 1.2 metres to your width.
If you are choosing a 60cm depth - add 1.8 metres to the length, and again to the width of your overall desired pond size.
It always to pays to buy a liner a little larger than required to allow for anything unforseen. When your pond is complete, you can use any
leftover liner to place under large heavy rocks or statues you plan on putting in the pond, as an added layer of protection.

Check out our guides on calculating your waterfall pump, pond maintenance, tips and hints for building your pond, and more.

Happy Pond Keeping!
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