How to Mount Bose Speakers on Wall

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How to Mount Bose Speakers on Wall

Bose speakers are a great choice for sound system needs. Many people experience surround sound at one time or another, like when they go to a theater, and they look to that as the ultimate in experiencing a media display. A couple of things to keep in mind are how to set up the speakers so that they hit the ears at the right angle, and the safety of the install job. Surround sound with Bose will amplify any media experience.


Read the Instructions

Every sound system comes with instructions. If buyers purchase them used without its manual, then perform a search online to find the instructions. Some speakers have a design that means they go wherever they fit; however, many speakers have designs that put them at a certain distance from the floor or walls.


Map out the Best Location

Lay out the location where the speakers will produce the best acoustics. This may be determined by figuring the number of channels the receiver or amplifier has, or balance control options on the stereo.

Place and Distance

Determine the audience location first, and always face the main speakers toward the audience. Ideally, speakers are each at an equal distance from the audience, and from back walls. Try to avoid any large objects in the room by blocking the path of the sound. Objects like tables, chairs, and couches can all interfere with the sound path.
Some might think placing them high is the best practise, but that is not always the best recommendation. Measure the distance between the floor and the person's ear while seated. Angle secondary speakers slightly away to give a '3D' effect or depth to the sound being produced.


Conceal Wiring Paths

Homeowners may be able to conceal the speaker wire along the baseboards for floor-mounted speakers. This helps to keep the room safe as well as looking cleaner. For ceiling mounted speakers, they may have to drill through the ceiling. 


Install Brackets

Once Buyers have chosen the speaker location, install brackets for ceiling mounting speakers. If the speaker system did not come with brackets, they may be able to remove the face of the cabinet and screw directly through the back into the wall.
Most homes are set up with studs and it is advisable to nail the speaker in to these locations. One can use a stud finder to help with this task. Buyers should make sure sure the spot is at or near the same area from which they previously measured to be the ideal speaker placement. The, they should mark the spot where the stud is. Consumers may want to judge their speakers effectiveness before permanently mounting them by temporarily fastening, or holding, the speakers into position.


Hook up the Speakers

Hook the speaker wires to the terminal on the back of the speaker box. Be careful to observe the polarity of the connections (+ or -). Commonly, speaker writers are coloured coded, where black is + and white is -. Clear insulated wires have a copper conductor in one (+), and a silver coloured conductor in the other (-).  If buyers are purchasing a used speaker set, confirm with the seller that they have not altered the wiring system. On a screw terminal stereo connection, match the colour on the end of the speaker with the same colour on the same terminal on the sterol.
Pull the wire along the baseboard or ceiling, as tightly as possible. This will help to make the wires less noticeable. Fasten it into place with stronghold tape or staples. Finally, connect to the terminal or plugs in the back of the stereo, and turn the system on to test the sound quality.


How to Buy Bose Speakers on eBay

Buyers can find Bose speakers on eBay. The best way to find them is to do a general search in any of the search fields, though browsing the electronics section helps you find specific options. Make sure to purchase the speakers from a reputable seller with a good reputation. There are an assortment of speaker styles and functions. Thoroughly browse before making a final decision. Often sold separately, Bose speaker mounts can help with the installing for surround sound. Setting up Bose speakers is a very simple procedure when following the guidelines.

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