How to Mount Burton Bindings

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How to Mount Burton Bindings

Burton is one of the premier snowboard and snowboard accessory retailers in the world. In fact, Burton is the only retailer of their in-house designed EST bindings, which effectively allows for infinite customisation of stance, position, and fit of the bindings. Users mount Burton bindings by placing and positioning the snowboard bindings at various points on the board, and then tighten them into position using the binding screws. Different types of boards limit binding placement options.


Snowboard Mounting Options

Snowboards feature different mounting options, which means that not all boards share the same bolt hole configurations. Burton manufactures its snowboards with either 3D or Channel mounting options, though people can mount Burton bindings to snowboards produced by other manufacturers. When in doubt, double-check both the bindings and the board.





Two parallel rows of three bolt holes on opposite ends of the board with each hole placed 4 cm apart


Two parallel rows of six bolt holes on opposite ends of the board with each row placed 4 cm apart and each hole in that row only 2 cm apart


The trademark Burton diamond pattern of bolt holes on opposite ends of the board


Features two straight slots on opposite ends of the board


Before beginning the mounting process, double-check to ensure that the bindings in hand feature a bolt configuration compatible with the snowboard. Before trying to mount bindings, always ensure that the proper number of screws is with the bindings and purchase replacements where necessary. Check each screw for damaged threading, which can hinder proper tightening and may pose a danger to riders.


Mounting Burton Bindings

Not all snowboard mounting tools work with all mounting styles. Instead, Philips head screwdrivers in size #2 and #3 are better multipurpose tools to use when mounting bindings. Select a sturdy table for the workspace, or barring that, simply follow all of the steps while working on a clear space of floor.


Stance Width and Placement

Place the bindings on a table, feet up, and carefully position the board upside-down over them so that the screws fit through the channels and the bottom of the board is facing the ceiling. Manipulate the bindings beneath the board to the desired width of stance and stance placement. Manufacturers produce different styles of boards to accommodate different positions and postures. For example, manufacturers make freestyle boards for use with a stance further back on the board. After finding the ideal placement, loosely tighten the central placement screws. This allows snowboarders to gently manipulate the bindings for rotation.


Binding Rotation

Binding rotation is the angle at which the feet face. Most manufacturers position snowboard bindings to be slightly duck-footed, with a positive angle in the front foot and negative angle in the back foot. Adjust this by carefully turning the binding around the axis provided by the placement screw. Most bindings have only a few possible rotations, but Burton EST bindings are popular because of their infinite adjustability.


Lock the Bindings

Use the appropriately sized screwdriver to tighten the EST bindings in the channel or to tighten the screws from the mounting plates. Double- and triple-check the mounting screws for tightness before calling the task complete, as loose screws can cause injury. After locking the bindings, turn the board over. At this point, adjust the bindings to the desired secondary settings for ideal posture.


How to Buy Burton Bindings on eBay

Burton bindings for snowboards vary dramatically in cost at brick-and-mortar shops. Those wanting to save on retail expense find that shopping from reliable sellers on eBay can be a great option to get the same product for less. Going to the website and typing in simple searches, such as 'Burton EST bindings' or 'lightweight green Burton bindings', yields all available results meeting those specifications. In some cases, bindings bundled with other snowboarding gear may provide additional opportunities to save on high-quality products from this time-tested brand.

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