How to Not get caught in Fraud!

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One of the major things today on the internet is Fraud. On ebay there are some sellers selling items and then will never send out your item,

To avoid this kind of thing there are a few things you should always have in your mind when purchasing from ebay,

1. If the item is impossibely low, ( 50 phones going for $500 ), then it is definately a fake, lots of ebay accounts are being hacked everday and people listing items like this even with feedback!..

2. Check the persons feedback, when his last feedback was recieved, if the user has had any negative feedback then take that into account, but mostly if they have had a few positive feedback recently you should be fine

3. One thing that you can easily tell if a item is legit or not is to ask the seller a question saying if pickup is available, if they say no the item is in Nigeria or somewhere else around the world then it is most likely fake, Unless the person is using dropshipping method, then they should have a lot of feedback

4. See what methods the seller is using for payment, If it is in Australia they should have direct debit method, if the user has paypal then you are definetly fine as paypal covers you and can take the money off the user if you never recieve your item!..

5. Never be afraid to ask questions to seller, that is what the button is for, anything regarding the item, Ask!...

Also one of the major fraud countries i have found is Nigera, if people are asking you if they can pay you 2000 and then you give them 1000 back or something like that,, It is Fake!... dont fall for these tricks!

Thats it, if you follow this guide you should never fall into a fraud on ebay!.. ;)

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