How to Open iPhone 3

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How to Open iPhone 3

Since its release, the iPhone has been revolutionary in moulding mobile computing technology. While the latest models are the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus (a larger model of the phone), the iPhone 3, has long been considered one of the most technologically-sound and user-friendly smartphones available. While there have been many improvements made since its release, many users continue to use the iPhone 3. It’s still available for purchase in many retail stores, including online at eBay.

Owners of the iPhone 3 who want to get the battery or SIM cards will need to know how to open their phones. While a bit different from other smartphones, it’s easy enough once someone knows the layout of the phone.


iPhone 3 Physical Basics

While the first iPhone created was made of aluminum with just a few plastic pieces, the iPhone 3 was the first phone made with a full plastic back. Apple gave the phone this feature in order to increase the strength of the signal it received, improving cell phone service. The speaker and microphone of the phone are located on its bottom, and the phone has a headphone jack on its top. It contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, accessible via the phone’s back. It’s important to note that, while it’s possible to remove the back panel and access the iPhone’s inner components, doing so is not recommended by Apple.


How to Open the iPhone 3

Opening the iPhone 3 via its back requires specific tools. These include a small Phillips head screwdriver, a small paperclip, and an X-Acto or utility knife.

To start, users should hold the iPhone with the top facing up. Locating the SIM tray will help in finding the access point. Users will notice a small separation and slot where the SIM card is inserted at the top. This is the entry point into the back of the phone.

A small paper clip should be inserted into the slot gently, making certain the SIM card isn’t damaged. Then, the paper clip can be used to remove the SIM tray. Two small screws hold the phone’s front and back together. Using the small Phillips head screwdriver, the user should remove these screws, allowing the back to be removed from the phone.

Finally, in order to remove the casing from the phone, a utility knife should be placed in between the phone and its chrome ring casing. Specifically, the blade should be inserted between the chrome ring and the front panel of glass above one of the screw holes. Using gentle pressure, the user can pry the two pieces of phone apart by slightly pushing up.

Any ribbons that may be connecting to the two pieces are important for the phone’s function, and care should be taken to prevent them from being damaged, though it’s possible to “unplug” them gently using the end of the paper clip in order to work on sections of the iPhone separately.


iPhone 3 Repair

Users needing to get inside an iPhone 3 can follow the instructions above to safely open their phones. However, those needing repair should consider taking it to a professional. New iPhones, Keep in mind, if parts are irreparable, it’s possible to purchase a new iPhone, as well.

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