How to Pack Men's Suits for Travel

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How to Pack Men's Suits for Travel

Whether packing a Luggage sets protect a range of contents - including suits - whilst they are in transit. Good ones will keep leg creases looking tidy and will prevent permanent marks from showing from any folds that are made.


Packing a Man’s Suit for Travel

Different folding methods work best depending on the type of luggage a suit is stored in.

Storing a Suit in a Suitcase

A suitcase has the advantage that travellers can easily take more than one suit with them. Sturdy suitcases will protect their contents once they are in a hold; nevertheless suits in suitcases still need to be appropriately folded to maintain a good condition.

Folding a Suit Jacket

Lay the suit jacket flat on its front with the buttons done up prior to folding. Fold each sleeve in toward the middle of the back so that all the shoulder padding is folded over. Make sure that the shoulder pad isn’t half folded as it will crease. Flatten each sleeve parallel to one another with a pat so that they sit naturally. Now, place a towel over the top of the jacket which will help prevent creasing when later folds are made.

Folding Suit Trousers

Hold the suit trousers at the waist with the creases meeting perfectly, and then lay them flat. Place a second towel, or a pair of jeans, on top of the trousers. This will even out the folds that are made. Fold the ankle up to the waist and then fold in half again, so the trousers are quartered in length.

Combine the Jacket and Trousers

Place the trousers on the top half of the jacket, near the collar. Fold the jacket’s bottom half up and over the trousers. The folded suit is now ready to be placed into a suitcase. Although it might be bulky, because of the use of a towel or two, the folds made should not turn into creases.

Storing a Suit in a Carry-On Bag

Many men like carry on bags for a suit, which are carried over the shoulder. If travelling by plane, they can be taken on board and stowed in an overhead locker.

Use a Coat Hanger

Most carry-on bags have a hook inside where it’s possible to hang a coat hanger. This means that the suits trousers and jacket can be lifted straight out of the wardrobe and into the carry-on bag. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to also hang two shirts in the bag as well - one in front and one behind the suit. This will help to minimise creases to the suit. Shirts are much easier to iron than a suit jacket if they become creased.

Closing a Carry-On Bag

Proceed with a great deal of care when closing a carry on bag. As most of them zip up and fold the bag in two, the suit will be folded in half. Make sure the coat hanger’s hook remains in position and place an elastic band over it to stop it slipping off.


Packing Linen Suits

Linen suit look good even if they are a little crumpled in appearance. Therefore, they’re a good choice if the occasion is not too formal. Linen suits can be rolled up and the creases will fall out once unpacked, so these are the best option if the suit is to go into a holdall or backpack.


How to Buy Men’s Luggage on eBay

Shoppers looking for men’s luggage which can be used to protect a suit when travelling should look in the “Luggage” category. Alternatively, eBay sellers will have plenty of items that will do the job in the “Men’s Accessories” category. Buyers simply need to enter their search term for the sort of bag they want and select the right listings. It’s easy to filter the result by brand, such as Samsonite or Billabong, as well as other features.



Taking a suit on holiday can be a tricky arrangement. You need the right luggage to ensure you won’t wind up at your locale looking wrinkled and weary. Work out which sort of folding method will be best before buying luggage. Also, before spending any money, check eBay for affordable options. 

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