How to Paint a Metal Bed Frame

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How to Paint a Metal Bed Frame

On a vintage bed frame, patina can be important to the frame’s value and it can improve the way the bed looks when set up in a bedroom. However, if an aged patina is not the order of the day, and bedroom furniture is needing an update, it is possible to rejuvenate the appearance of a metal bed frame by applying fresh paint to metal surface. Fresh paint introduces a fresh look without the expense of purchasing a new bedroom suite. A bit of elbow grease is needed, though, to complete the task. A do-it-yourself enthusiast armed with the right tools and knowledge can easily give his or her bed frame a unique update.


Prepare the Metal Frame for Painting

Avoid the frustration of paint peeling after investing time and money time in this project. It is never wise to simply slap on a coat of paint. The metal must be prepared properly in order for the paint to bond with the metal frame and ultimately create a long lasting new finish.

  1. If the finish is reasonably smooth to the touch, use a fine grit sandpaper to roughen the surface of the bed frame. If the surface is coarse and gritty to the touch, use medium grit sand paper.
  2. Sand every inch of the frame that needs to be painted.
  3. Dip a cloth into a basin of water and wring out the excess. Use the damp cloth to clean away all dust and debris from the metal surface. Paint cannot stick to a metal surface that is coated with dust or loose debris.
  4. Allow the clean bed frame to dry completely before continuing the project.
  5. Check the frame for loose screws, nuts and bolts.
  6. If any loose fasteners are found, use the appropriate hand tool to tighten the offending fastener before proceeding to the next step.


Primer and Paint the Metal Bed Frame

While using a paintbrush to refresh the colour of the metal is an option, paint in a spray can generally provides the most even coverage. Look for paint labelled for use on metal, as wood or plastic paint will most likely peel when applied to metal.

Look to the rooms decor or the planned colour scheme when choosing the perfect hue to complement the room. Use either a matching colour or a complementary contrasting colour. Spray paint for metal is available in most standard colours, as well as a few truly exotic shades.

Make sure the room is well-ventilated and spread a drop cloth or old linens on the floor under the frame to protect flooring. Use primer and paint that have been designed for use on metal, and plan on two spray cans of each for to make sure adequate coverage is provided.

  1. Thoroughly shake the first can of primer and hold the can about a can’s length away from the frame and depress the nozzle.
  2. Move the can from side to side in a smooth and continuous motion, working all the way around the frame. Use the second can of primer as necessary to complete the task and coat the frame with primer.
  3. Allow the primer to dry completely.
  4. If there are any rough spots or bubble marks, use a slip of fine grit sandpaper to smooth them away. Avoid coarser medium grit sandpaper, as it can remove too much of the fresh primer layer.
  5. Thoroughly shake the paint can in the colour chosen to complement the decor of the bedroom.
  6. Apply the paint following the same steps used for the primer application. Use both cans as needed.
  7. Allow the paint to dry completely.
  8. If in a hurry, position a fan near the frame to keep the air moving. This will speed the drying rate of the paint.


Reassemble the Bed after Painting the Metal Frame

If possible, wait several days to make the bed. If needed quickly, however, after the paint has dried completely, go ahead and gently replace the box springs and mattress. Be careful not to scratch the paint, as it will be delicate until completely cured, which can take several days. Put the linens and comforter back on the bed as normal to prepare the bed for use.


How to Buy Paint for a Metal Frame on eBay

To find spray paint and primer, look in the “Building Materials, DIY” section under “Home & Garden.” From there, selection “Paint” and click on “Refine Results” to narrow down the results.

Take in the view as a reward for all of that labour, then if the bed frame looks better than the rest of the bedroom furniture, pick up some more paint and re-decorating supplies on eBay to complete the look by painting the rest of the bedroom suite.

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