How to Peel Off Wallpaper Easily

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How to Peel Off Wallpaper Easily

Buying or owning a house means maintenance and changes. That can be anything from repairs to redecorating. As a person's styles or tastes change, their home reflects it. One of the biggest changes when redecorating is to remove wallpaper and decide to paint instead. Removing wallpaper can seem like a daunting task if the homeowner does not approach it the right way. A project of this size requires several tools, but in the end, is a very simple yet time-consuming project.


Gathering Tools

There are several tools available to remove wallpaper from walls. The tools needed to complete this project include items like dishwashing detergent, wallpaper removal solvent, wallpaper scoring tool, spray bottle, drop cloth, step ladder, putty knife, and a sponge. A number of them are simple items found around the house, but purchasing any is easy from a number of sources.


Getting Started

A large part of the time spent on paper removal is preparation. The power should be off to the room before getting started on anything else. Moving the furniture out of the room allows access to all of the walls without having to stop and move each piece while progressing. Once all of the furniture is out of the way, the switch plates and outlet covers require removal so that the paper behind them is accessible. Homeowners should lay down drop cloths and then get started.

Scoring the Paper

The first step in removing wallpaper is scoring it so that the solvent can soak into the paper and loosen it from the wall. Using a scorer makes this very simple, just run it along the wall. If using utility knife or other method to score the paper, homeowners should make sure that they do not press hard enough to damage the wall, itself. They simply need to break the surface of the paper into which the water can soak.

Applying the Solvent

After scoring the paper, homeowners can spray a small section of the wall with the solvent. Spraying small sections works best so that they do not have to apply it twice and the paper does not have time to re-adhere to the wall. The paper needs to soak for a few minutes before removal.


Removing the Paper

When removing the paper, homeowners should begin at the bottom corner and work their way up the wall. They should use the putty knife to help loosen the stubborn spots as they pull upward. They can apply more solvent if they hit a very difficult spot to remove. Use a ladder or step ladder to reach the upper part of the wall, but have someone hold the ladder while standing on it.


Clean Up

After removing the paper, use a dish detergent or other cleaner that is not harsh. Use a sponge or washcloth to wipe any remaining glue residue from the wall. Rinse the walls with clean water and towel dry. Once dry, homeowners can paint or apply any finish that they have in mind.


How to Buy Wallpaper Removal Supplies on eBay

Being able to get everything you need shipped to your home while you are working on renovations saves a lot of time. You can have everything you need shipped to your door without taking time away from other projects. Using the great search feature on eBay makes shopping even easier. A narrower search term, like 'wallpaper remover', gives you the best results and allows you to find what you need faster. When you are shopping, make sure that you read over the details of each product to make sure they fit your needs before you complete your purchase.

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