How to Pick a Fake Sony MicroVault 1GB USB

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There are several fake Sony MicroVault products around. I have been bitten - therefore I thought I would assist other people on how to pick a fake once it arrives as its extremely hard through descriptions.

The following are observations of the device and packaging:

* Missing software: Password Lock, AutoZip, PC Lock, Auto Login.
* Driver disk not original sony disc - software that is included is a generic driver disk with 10 different manufacturers.
* Usb drive tricks windows in thinking that it is 1GB, instead formatted capacity is 15MB.
* Usb drive is USB1.1 and not USB2.0
* Colour of product is not orange (but blue) and plastic is not recessed in cases per Sony STANDARDS for that model.
* Missing TM (trade mark) printing next to "Micro Vault"
* Missing model number on usb drive
* Missing serial number on usb drive
* Incorrectly printed "Sony" logo
* Packaging was tampered with; usb drive was not positioned the right way, non genuine sony cd replaced with generic.
* Quote on packaging "1G holds approx 178 floppy disks!", question me if am wrong; 1GB = 1024MB, 1 x FDD = 1.44MB, therefore 1GB = 711 floppy disks.

I hope this kind of conduct does NOT continue as eBay is usually a good place to buy items.

Added Info 17/07/2006: I disputed this product with the above information and was awarded in my favour and all funds were returned to me. So if you are going to buy a product such as this, please ensure you pay via PayPal in which you will then be protected through their Buyer Protection Plan.

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