How to Play Darts Like a Pro

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How to Play Darts Like a Pro

For some people, the sport of darts is a fun way to pass the time, but for others it is a serious game that leads to world championship success. If players aspire to be the next Laurence "Loz" Ryder or Shane Tichowitsch, it is important to understand the rules of the game. On eBay, players can purchase the right equipment and learn the best body position for throwing darts so they can play like a pro.


Rules of darts

There are several versions of the game of darts played around the world. In the version used for the Professional Darts Corporation World Grand Prix, players start with a total of 501. They throw sets of three darts and subtract the score from their current total until the score reaches zero. To finish the game, players must throw a double. For example, a player with 36 remaining must hit a double 18 to win.


Darts equipment

To begin, players need to practise with a dartboard and three darts. A rubber dart mat is especially useful for players that want to throw like a professional.


A standard dartboard features numbers from one to 20 arranged in a particular order on the outer ring. Additionally, there are thin double and treble rings, an outer bullseye, and an inner bullseye at the centre. Before throwing darts, players place their toes on the oche, which is located 2.37 metres from the front of the dartboard.

Brass darts

Brass darts are affordable, which makes them useful for practising basic techniques. However, their thick barrels can prevent the tight grouping on the dartboard that leads to high scores, so it is important to practise the right grip.

Tungsten darts

Tungsten darts are available as alloys with nickel and come in a variety of percentages, with higher quantities of tungsten resulting in thinner darts. If shoppers want to play like the pros, they should invest in 90 per cent tungsten darts with a titanium finish that prevents the build-up of the natural salts and oils from a person's fingers.


Square flights have a large surface to catch more air, providing more control. Teardrop-shaped flights have a smaller surface area and are better for players that add a good deal of thrust to their throws. Kite flights offer more speed and less control than other shapes, while dimplex flights have a rough surface that decreases the speed of the dart.

Darts mat

A heavy-duty rubber darts mat generally features markings that show the international throw lines. This provides a professional feel and allows players to develop their skills by always throwing from a consistent distance.


Throwing a dart

Darts fly in a curve that depends on the power of the thrower. Professional darts players know how use their bodies to guide the dart along the curve as they prepare to throw, so that it lands on just the right part of the dartboard when it leaves the hand.

Phases of a throw

Throwing a dart consists of five distinct phases: aim, backward movement, acceleration, release, and follow through. To aim, the eyes, dart, and target should be in one line, with the player focusing on the target. A controlled backward movement ensures the aim remains on target. The acceleration should be smooth and natural, without too much force. The release comes naturally, provided the arm is in the correct position.

Shoulder position

The shoulder should remain perfectly still, along with the rest of the body. This is a fundamental aspect that is easier to notice when watching professional dart players.

Elbow position

The elbow stays fixed as the player draws the dart backwards, but moves upwards at a later phase as the arm accelerates forward. The player must not keep the elbow fixed the whole time as this results in releasing the dart early, reducing its accuracy.

Wrist position

Professional darts players use a controlled wrist snap to help with acceleration. The snap action increases speed, but moving the other parts of the arm slowly ensures that there is less force. This enhances the accuracy of the throw.


How to buy darts equipment on eBay

If you want to play darts like a pro, you can find all of the equipment you need by searching the inventory available from reliable sellers on eBay. Use the search field on any page to find specific items, such as a "dartboard", "tungsten darts", or "darts mat". Look through the list of products and read the item descriptions carefully to ensure that the darts equipment you buy has the right level of quality for professional use. Buying from local sellers can also help save on shipping costs. 

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