How to Possum Proof a Roof

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How to Possum Proof a Roof

Possums that infiltrate a home can cause significant damage to the premises. They make nests, tear ductwork, leave waste droppings, and often get trapped inside. Removing them is a tricky process because they are wild animals that react in unpredictable ways when approached by people. Moreover, the Wildlife Act 1975 protects the species, so people cannot harm or entrap them. Instead of allowing the possibility of possums breaching the roof, it makes sense to take preventive steps to avoid a nesting situation.


Identify possible entry points

Figure out how possums can gain entry to the home through the roof. Look for damage to the roof itself, because that provides the most obvious entry points. Consider outside options too. Possums have to reach the roof before they can take up residence in the house.

Examine the trees

Possums jump from trees to the roof quickly and easily from up to 5 metres, making trees main entry points. Safeguard fully grown trees by attaching guards around the trunks. Guards are typically plastic or aluminium, and they do not harm the trees. However, they prevent possums from climbing the trunks.

If any tree branches reach the roof, possums use them as launch pads. Trim them to a safe distance away. Also, trim shrubbery planted close to the house. Possums can use them as jumping points as well.

Find roof cavities

Possums can pry up roof tiles to gain entry to the attic or crawlspace. To find gaps in the roofing, shine a bright light against the ceiling at night. This reveals weak and open places. If possums already live in the area, shine the light for several nights before sealing the openings. This discourages possums from returning.

Fill the gaps

Next, close the gaps with roofing materials or wire mesh. Fortify weak spots to prevent possums from pulling the tiles up to gain access to the house.

Disinfect the area

Disinfect the area to eradicate the possums' scent. Repeat the inspection and disinfection process periodically to maintain effectiveness. Remember that possums are a protected species. Choose a disinfectant that deters possums but does not poison them. For example, avoid using bleach and other toxic chemicals.


Apply Repellents

Fortifying the premises goes a long way to deterring possums. However, it is not necessarily completely effective. To take the protection further, turn to possum repellents. Poss Off is safe to spray on plants, and possums strongly dislike the bitter taste and acrid smell. Spraying it directly on plants deters possums from foraging on the property.

Possums need food and safe nests, so removing both options from the home makes a good combination. Other manufacturers offer deterrent sprays as well. Alternately, make a batch of a homemade version. This spreadable concoction consists of equal parts Vaseline and Vicks VapoRub, making it budget friendly and simple to make.

Turn on a spotlight

Because possums are nocturnal, they dislike bright lights, and go out of their way to avoid them. Rigging a spotlight to the house deters possums from returning. Motion-activated spotlights help conserve energy but are still effective enough to annoy the possums.

Plug in an ultrasonic pest repeller

An ultrasonic pest repeller plugs into an outdoor outlet. It emits an ultrasonic sound that humans cannot hear. However, it bothers possums, making them not want to settle in the area.


Remove temptation

Possums move into existing nests when possible instead of building a new one. Consequently, even if the original intruder relocates, another possum likely takes its place quickly. After fortifying the house, remove anything on the property that attracts possums.


Invest in trashcans with secure lids. Store trashcans indoors if possible. If they have to remain outdoors, double the protection by tying the lids closed with bungee cords.

Compost Piles and Bird Feeders

Do not use protein and oil sources in compost piles to discourage scavengers like possums. Stick with plant and vegetable sources. Keep pet food and water indoors. Either discontinue using bird feeders, or hang them high off the ground and out of reach.


How to buy supplies to possum proof a roof on eBay

Now that you are armed with the right knowledge to protect your roof from possums, turn to the reliable sellers on eBay for all the supplies you need. Perform a specific keyword search, which returns a more narrow scope of results than a general search. For example, searching for "ultrasonic pest repeller" returns a more precise result pool than simply searching for "possum deterrents". With the help of reputable sellers on eBay, you can possum proof your roof easily and effectively.

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