How to Properly Change the Carpeting in Your Car

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No matter how careful car owners may be, sometimes it is necessary to change the carpeting in their cars. Car carpeting experiences a high level of use and can become worn in areas. If a worn part of the carpet includes frayed edges or loose threads, passengers' shoes can become entangled in the fibres, causing a safety issue. Additionally, carpeting in a car often experiences water damage or stains from spills. This type of damage from moisture can be unsightly, but more importantly, it can lead to the formation of mould within the car. Carpet replacements can be found at local car specialty shops and on websites like eBay that carry a wide range of automotive parts. Buyers should understand the proper method for changing car carpeting, however, before they shop.

Determine Car Carpeting Type

To match the needs of customers, car manufacturers and aftermarket companies offer a number of different types of car carpeting options. In some cases, owners of popular car models can purchase carpeting moulded to fit the exact dimensions of a car. Purchasing this type of carpet has time-saving benefits and also eliminates the need for buyers to cut the carpeting themselves. If pre-moulded carpeting is not available, buyers must purchase carpet in rolls or sheets.

Car Carpet Backing

Car carpet manufacturers apply various backings to their carpets that can affect how much the carpeting costs. Although buyers may be tempted to choose the least expensive carpeting choice, they should know that they may need to purchase additional carpeting accessories to achieve a perfect fit when it is time to install the carpeting.

Types of Car Carpet Backings


Padded carpet backing Contains a rubber foam that is attached to the underside of the carpet
Helps to increase the sound insulation within a car
Frequently more expensive than carpets with plain backings
Plain carpet backing Contains only the woven fibre base of the carpet
To add a layer of waterproof protection, manufacturers coat the back of the carpet with thin plastic
Generally less expensive than carpets with padded backings
If buyers choose plain carpet backing for a car that originally had padded carpeting, they must purchase a separate layer of padding to recreate the same fit. Since separate padding is not cut or moulded, buyers need to complete an additional step in the carpet installation process to prepare the padding.
Another point that buyers should be aware of concerning carpet backings is that it is impossible to determine whether carpeting has padding by looking at its upper surface. Car carpet manufacturers often offer both padded and plain versions of the same carpet. Because of this, buyers may mistakenly believe a carpet has padding if they have seen versions of the carpet that included a rubber foam backing. To avoid purchasing the wrong type of carpet, buyers should always read the carpet's specifications to understand how it was constructed.

Prepare the Carpeting for Installation

Once buyers have their replacement carpeting at home, they should take it out of its box and lie it out on a flat surface so it can rest. Since the carpet is typically bundled into a box, it takes some time, usually 48 hours or more, for it to regain its original shape. This process should be completed for pre-moulded carpets or uncut carpets. If buyers want to speed up the process, they can place the carpet directly in warm sunlight, because heat can make the carpet assume its original shape faster.

Remove the Old Carpeting From a Car

Before a new carpet can be installed, the old carpeting needs to be removed. Buyers should start by taking the seats out of a car because most car carpets are installed under the bolts of the seats. To remove the seat, buyers typically need a wrench. Once the seats are free, any car components, like interior trims or panels that are used to fasten carpeting down, must be removed. In some cases, buyers simply need to pry the car parts away from their anchors with a flat screwdriver to release the part.
Once no obstructions remain to hold the old carpeting down, it can be lifted out of the car. Buyers should try to avoid cutting the old carpet because it can be used as a template to slice the new carpet into its desired shape. Clean any dirt that remains on the floor of the car once the old carpet is removed and make repairs to damaged areas of the car's body before moving onto the next stage of the installation process.

Cut the New Carpet

If buyers do not have a pre-moulded carpet, they need to manually cut their new carpet. Place the old carpeting on top of the new, and use chalk to mark the contours of the carpet and any holes that exist inside the borders of the carpet. Next, use a utility knife to cut the carpet. This creates carpet pieces that still need to be trimmed during installation but are manageable to manoeuvre inside the confines of the car.

Install the New Carpet

Install the new carpet by centreing it as much as possible towards the middle of the car. Next, begin smoothing the carpet outward until it roughly fills its available space. To do this, it is easiest to have a helper. Match up the shapes cut within the inside of the carpet's borders with the holes within the car's body. Special care should be taken when fitting the carpet around a car's accelerator and brake pedals. In this area, the carpeting must remain perfectly flat and cannot obstruct the operation of the pedals in any way. Trim the carpet as necessary to achieve a perfect fit around the carpet's borders and holes. To minimise the risk of the carpet shifting as it is being trimmed, a helper can hold the carpet or a weight can be used to keep the carpet in place. Lastly, once the carpet is cut, reinstall the car parts and seats that were removed at the beginning of the installation process.

Buying Car Carpeting on eBay

Buyers who want a wide range of car carpeting choices should visit eBay to browse through an extensive selection of purchasing options. To locate specific carpeting items quickly, buyers can use eBay's search function by adding keywords, like " Ford Focus carpet", to the search field. Buyers who want to find affordable car carpet offerings can also visit eBay Deals' Automotive section, which lists car-related products at reduced prices. As buyers review potential purchases, they should check product details for information about a car carpet's construction, size, and special features. Since car carpets and mats are frequently bundled into one purchase, buyers should note what is included in each eBay sale. Buyers can also access eBay's supply of tools to purchase any items that are used during the car carpet installation process.


Car carpets frequently need replacement because they are subjected to daily wear, water damage, and spills. Before purchasing car carpeting, buyers should understand how to correctly change a carpet so that they can achieve a proper fit during installation. Carpets can be pre-moulded or flat and have a variety of construction features, like padded rubber foam backings. Once buyers determine the best carpet for their needs, they can begin installation by preparing the new carpet and removing the old carpet. Carpet removal typically demands that a car's seats and other interior items are taken out of a car. New carpeting can be cut based on the dimensions of the old carpeting to make installation easier. When buyers have a plan developed for replacing their car carpets, they can visit eBay to find a large selection of carpet purchasing options.
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